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WCW Classic Moment: Kevin Nash power bombs Eric Bischoff through a table at the Great American Bash (Video)

With Kevin Nash returning to television in the year 2011, it's time for WWE to remind fans exactly why he was such a big deal in the first place. Part of the way they're doing so is busting out this "Classic Moment" of Nash powerbombing Eric Bischoff through a table at the Great American Bash in 1996. 

"The Outsiders" were making their debut on pay-per-view and still pushing for the eventual match they would get at Bash at the Beach one month later. More importantly, this was the segment in which both Nash and Scott Hall were forced to admit that they didn't actually work for WWF at the time due to a lawsuit from Vince McMahon and company. That's not shown in the video above, of course, but can be viewed in the extended video, which is included after the jump.

I also remember Bischoff talking about this moment in his "Controversy Creates Cash" book. He essentially said he was scared shitless of letting Nash powerbomb him through a table and because of the setup, he was worried Nash would miss the pre-intended mark completely and he would get seriously injured. As it were, he landed awkwardly and got injured anyway, just not nearly as bad as he could have been.

Is WWE hoping to recapture some of the magic of Nash's old days by bringing him back and putting him in an extended program with CM Punk? Looks like it. Will it happen? Time will tell.

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