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Why has Andy Leavine disappeared off the face of WWE's earth?

Andy Leavine, the winner of the first season of the revived WWE reality TV show Tough Enough and almost certainly the last season on the USA network due to disappointing ratings, has been conspicuous by his absence from WWE TV over the last few weeks.  The vignettes to hype up his eventual Raw debut strangely dried up all of a sudden a few weeks ago.  Wishful thinking would suggest that WWE management had come to their senses and realised that Leavine wasn't ready yet to be on their main roster and had decided to keep him in Florida Championship Wrestling until he was fully prepared, but rumours abound that something else may be afoot.

Mike Johnson of that spyware wrestling site is reporting that Leavine has been suspended for a Wellness policy violation after a drug test failure, but WWE has yet to publicly announce the suspension and other sites haven't been able to confirm this story.  It should be noted that Johnson was ahead of the curve on the Sin Cara steroid test failure story and everyone was gossiping about it backstage on Raw Monday night, so the story is very likely to be true.  The delay in the WWE announcement of the suspension could be caused by Leavine failing to give the company a valid doctor's prescription in time if he failed for steroids.  Or it could be due to WWE wishing to hush up the suspension, as given that Leavine was their reality TV show winner, the story could be picked up by entertainment gossip sites like TMZ.  It's certainly embarrassing for the company that the person they portrayed as a clean cut, family man and chose over the more charismatic party animal Luke Robinson got flagged for a drug violation so soon after winning the Tough Enough competition.

This would actually be the third Wellness policy suspension in the last month, as WWE has recently suspended head referee Mike Chioda for a failed drug test, which is a bit odd given that there were no suspensions for close to two years before this flurry of action and suggests that something might have changed with regards the way they handle the drug testing.  The only official change to their Wellness policy in the last few months is that they have banned synthetic marijuana, with the punishment being the usual 30 day suspension for a first violation not a fine like originally reported.  That doesn't really explain the recent rash of failures though, as Cara is believed to have tested positive for steroids and that's the most likely drug given his reputation that Leavine would test positive for too, so I'm a bit befuddled as to what's going on.  It seems a bit unlikely that this is all just due to chance.

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