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WWE Raw results and reactions from Aug. 15 show in San Diego

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Photo via WWE

WWE Raw was in San Diego last night for a big show, its first show since the SummerSlam pay-per-view event just one night previous. I covered the CM Punk angle with Kevin Nash extensively right here so this will be the regular bullet point reaction to the rest of the show.

Nothing heavy, just a few quick thoughts.

  • Alberto Del Rio has so much potential as a heel WWE champion it's sickening. His actual real-life persona and reported issues in the back of being a diva have made his gimmick work that much better on TV. If they play it right, they can get a lot of good mileage out of him as a true heel champion, not a tweener.
  • John Cena immediately being thrown into a feud with "ADR" for the belt makes sense, as it keeps him in the main event scene and gives him a great heel to work with for the next however long they want to take this thing.
  • The Miz is "AWESOME" and Jared Fogel sucks.
  • Maybe it's just me but the way to rebuild your tag team division is not to take two mismatched partners and put them over clean at the expense of the two guys who are actually champions. And in a non-title match, no less.
  • Rey Mysterio is likely out for a while after the injury angle they did with Del Rio but he had one hell of a match with the champ and put him over rather nicely in the process. I won't miss Mysterio in the main event or even on my TV, for that matter. Never did connect.
  • Triple H is playing his role perfectly so far. There are a thousand reasons to think he'll screw this up and make it all about himself but for the time being, he gets the benefit of the doubt and deserves some credit where it's due. His work as COO has been very well done.
  • Stephanie. 
  • John Morrison and R-Truth had themselves an entertaining match, as is usually the case with Morrison. Feels a little too much like Truth's gimmick, which had some potential, is quickly growing stale and lacking any real direction. Wait and see, I guess.
  • Last but not least, I have a question for you Cagesiders and maybe you can help me out. Why is John Laurinaitis on my TV? Anyone?

It was a great episode of Raw with plenty of setup to bigger and better things. I'm staying tuned and I'll assume you are, too. Unless, of course, you're still upset at the creative direction. If so, please, by all means, tell us why.

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