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WWE Raw videos and results from Aug. 15 in San Diego

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WWE Raw, which went down in San Diego, California last night (Aug. 15), is in the books and that means it's time for the blitz of videos from the show.

Triple H opened the show by explaining his side of things revolving the happenings at SummerSlam this past Sunday night (Aug. 14) in Los Angeles.

Kevin Nash and CM Punk had themselves a battle of promos that was as compelling as anything I've seen on WWE TV for quite some time now. Maybe that's because I'm still a mark for "Big Sexy."

Alberto Del Rio successfully defended his freshly won WWE championship in the main event over Rey Mysterio, handing out a post-match beatdown to set up an injury angle for Rey to get him off TV and give him some time on the sidelines. It also gave John Cena an opening to insert himself right back into the title picture.

All the videos from the show, made available by WWE, are after the jump

Triple H opens the show explaining his side of the story.

Alberto Del Rio follows Triple H and shows his massive potential as a heel WWE champion.

Kevin Nash runs into John Laurinaitis in the back. "Johnny Ace" wants to have a private meeting with "Big Sexy."

The tag team division continues its revival with mismatched partners Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne picking up a clean, non-title win over the Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty.

The Miz cuts a promo on Jared from Subway. If Fogel didn't carry that sandwich around with him, I don't think anyone would recognize him anymore. And if you're reading this, Jared, you looked like you packed on a few pounds. "SUBWAY SUCKS!"

Jack Swagger defeats Alex Riley with the help of Vickie Guerrero, who spent most of the match bickering with Dolph Ziggler as we inch closer and closer to the inevitable permanent split. Can't get here soon enough.

Del Rio defeats Rey Mysterio to retain his title before John Cena cuts an angry promo on him in defense of the integrity and honor of the WWE title. The cheese is layed on thick as per usual. But at least he gets the intensity up enough to make it believable.

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