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What happened when Raw went off the air in San Diego?

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The conclusion of Monday Night Raw featured Alberto Del Rio successfully defending the WWE championship over Rey Mysterio. He then attacked and injured Mysterio (presumably to get Rey off TV due to legitimate injuries), which led to John Cena hitting the ring and clearing "ADR" out.

Raw went off the air with Del Rio slowly retreating to the back. But what happened directly after? Here's the report from

After cameras cut, John Cena got on the mic and called Alberto Del Rio out. Del Rio said he didn't have anything to say to Cena and tried to walk to the back and that's when CM Punk chased him to the ring where Cena was waiting.

CM Punk gave Del Rio the GTS, and Cena gave Del Rio the Attitude Adjustment. Punk was in street clothes. Ricardo tried to take the belt, but Punk and Cena played a game of keep away. Ricardo also took the Attitude Adjustment and the GTS.

Punk gave the belt the Cena. A "Cena sucks" chant broke out and Punk received a huge pop and a "CM Punk" chant. Cena and Punk left the title belt in the ring to close the show.

Not that this will have any major effect on the storyline we'll see on Raw each week, but I'm not sure I like the way they played this here. What are your thoughts?

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