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Linda McMahon still 99.9-percent certain that she will run for office again

With Michele Bachmann claiming victory in the Iowa Republican Presidential candidate straw poll, Linda McMahon is surely hoping that Bachmann's success as a female candidate may rub off on her and improve her odds of winning the Connecticut Senate seat currently held by Joe Lieberman who is not seeking re-election in 2012.  

Last week, the Greenwich Times reported that party insiders have told them that she had hired Corry Bliss to be her new campaign manager and that she was 99.9% certain that she will run for office again.  Bliss, for his part, backtracked after initially seeming to confirm the story, which suggests that Linda is still wanting to remain publicly coy about her real ambitions.  

All signs from the very second she lost the election last year suggested that she planned to run again at the first available opportunity with 99.9% certainty, most notable of which was WWE quietly forcing out their long time board member Lowell Weicker Jr. for failing to stand up for WWE Linda McMahon during the campaign.  As David Bixenspan of Bleacher Report detailed, her political career did affect WWE's on-screen product, so we can expect more of the same (keeping the product toned down, propaganda campaigns, a wacky Vince McMahon segment before polling day, etc) in the not too distant future.  

We'll keep you updated as things develop further.

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