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WWE SummerSlam results: CM Punk defeats John Cena to win Undisputed Championship

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In a match that promised to offer a glimpse into what the future would have in store for the WWE, CM Punk defeated John Cena to unify each of their WWE Championships.

It was a long and technical affair, far from the norm for a typical Cena match. Gone was the punch-heavy style that "The Marine" has become known for and replacing it were catch wrestling takedowns and even a pretty impressive dropkick.

The match wasn't without its controversy though.

Triple H -- now the COO of the company -- interjected himself as the special guest referee on last week's RAW. It was seen as a sign by some that shenanigans were going to be afoot in Los Angeles.

Instead, we got a match called right down the middle up until the very end.

The match started off slowly with headlocks, arm wringers, and chin locks. It felt like a blast from the past; seeming to be more in common with something you'd see on a 1980s National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) as opposed to today's WWE.

While Cena was busting out holds that would make Dory Funk proud, Punk was sticking to the offense that brought him to the dance. Muay Thai-style knees cracked "The Marine" several times throughout the match.

Each Superstar nailed their finisher but managed to kick out after a longer than usual count from the wrestler-turned-referee. The tide seemed to turn when Punk climbed to the top rope, pointed both hands skyward and landed a perfect elbow drop in a fitting tribute "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

A second Go To Sleep (GTS) from Punk crumpled Cena to the mat close to the ropes. When "The Game" dropped down to make his count, he didn't notice Cena's leg on the bottom rope.

The now-former champion protested lightly but the error was viewed by the commentators as simply that: a human error akin to a blown call a referee would make in a football game.

The crowd in Los Angeles was amazing. A hot crowd can help make a match -- or break it in the case of the Sting/Kurt Angle match from Hardcore Justice -- and the folks tonight in Los Angeles added the little extra intangible to make the 24th SummerSlam an event to remember.

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