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Terri Runnels sues New Jack for libel, block sale of nude pics

Terri Runnels is surely now regretting her decision to start dating New Jack, the most controversial wrestler in ECW history.  <a href="">Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Nightscream.</a>
Terri Runnels is surely now regretting her decision to start dating New Jack, the most controversial wrestler in ECW history. Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Nightscream.

I suppose this is the day for stories about nude pics.  The break up of the odd relationship between the most controversial wrestler in ECW history, New Jack, and Terri Runnels, the ex-wife of the currently injured WWE performer Dustin "Goldust" Runnels, who was best known for serving as her then husband's valet Marlena, may go down as the messiest split in wrestling history.  To get his own back on Terri, New Jack cut an hour plus shoot promo to about their relationship together that even the Ultimate Warrior would be deeply envious of, and made similar claims on his Facebook page.  The most newsworthy highlights included:

  • New Jack saying that they hooked up because he supplied Percosets to her via a fellow acquaintance and Terri went out of her way to thank him for the "treats" over Facebook.
  • One thing led to another and they eventually started sending each other nasty pics back and forth via text messaging, and when they eventually met um... New Jack went straight for the kill so to speak.
  • He claims that Terri would try to book herself for twice as much money as he would get when they started going out together, which caused problems with indy promoters.
  • He says he was lied to about the reasons why Terri house was foreclosed.  Terri blamed Dustin for failing to pay a penny in child support for his daughter Dakota and that Dusty Rhodes owed her $75,000 from a loan to save his short-lived Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling promotion.
  • He said the main reason he stuck with her for so long because it drove "every white boy in the business (like Kevin Nash) that ever wanted to screw her" crazy.
  • Says Terri once told him out of the blue: "If you test positive for herpes, um I have genital herpes, don't tell anybody or don't say anything because it could ruin my career".  Said he eventually found out that Dustin knew she had herpes, that she had slept with Brian Pillman, Terry Funk, Rick Rude, amongst others in the business with it and that she had the disease when she was eighteen.  On that vein, he claims that Terri used to always badmouth Jim Ross for trying to get her to come to his room and constantly hitting on her on an overseas tour together. 
  • Says Dakota once found sexual pics of them on their home computer where Terri was performing oral sex to New Jack after she had been gigged with blood running down her head.  Yikes!
  • He claims that Terri drank vodka with fruit juice and popped pills 24/7.  Also, that she was bipolar.
  • Finally, he says that a lawyer told him that because he owned the camera, the dirty pics he has of Terri are his property.  He also said he would sell her pics if he felt like it.
Details of Terri's legal response to this are provided after the jump.

So it should come as no surprise that unlike Hulk Hogan, Terri Runnels, with her name having been dragged through the mud much worse than Hogan's was, has filed a lawsuit against Jerome "New Jack" Young for libel and to attempt to block any possible sale by Young of illicit pictures of her, as he threatened.  In an article about the lawsuit by the Orlando Sentinel, Young seemed to be backtracking from his most salacious allegations:
New Jack said today that anything he's said or written on Facebook about Runnels is true.  Someone else runs his Facebook page, he said, and other people may have written things there that are untrue, in particular, allegations about a sexually-transmitted disease.

Runnels portrays herself as innocent and sweet, he said, and he wants people to know what she's really like.

He admitted offering to sell sexually-explicit photos of her.  He's not done that, he said, but he may have transmitted them at no charge to a friend from his cell phone.

He took the photos on his camera with her consent, he said.

"Sending somebody naked photos, that's not a crime," he said.

At least he didn't blame the Nefarious Wrestling Facebook/Twitter hacker for the STD allegations I suppose, though I wouldn't put it past that criminal mastermind to be able to impersonate wrestlers in shoot interviews too!  Unlike the Toffoloni family's lawsuit against Hustler Magazine for selling naked pictures of Nancy Benoit after her death, I don't think this will be a difficult case for Terri's lawyer to win:
Runnels' attorney, Alan Stagmeier, said today, "I'm trying to keep a lid on this."

His fear, he said, was that New Jack would sell the photos before he could get the case in front of Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover, who's been assigned the case.  He's asking her to issue an injunction, prohibiting New Jack from selling the photos.

Where's Jerry Springer to sort out this mess when you need him?

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