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On this date in WCW history: Lance Storm's 'Awesome' match gives birth to 'Team Canada'


If I can be serious for a minute ... I'd like to tell you about this date in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) history, when the faction that would become "Team Canada" (TC) was born.

While they wouldn't take on their official moniker until the Aug. 14 episode of WCW Monday Nitro in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, it was on Aug. 13, 2000, at New Blood Rising when Canadian champion Lance Storm and  Canadian referee Jacques Rougeau conspired to defeat title challenger Mike Awesome.

Following the win, Canadian wrestling legend Bret Hart entered the ring for a round of hugs and Team Canada was born.

Storm would rematch Awesome the following night and once again defeat him with the aid of Rougeau, along with fellow Canadian conspirators Carl Oulette and Elix Skipper (who despite being American was billed as a former Canadian Football League player).

Team Canada was perhaps best known for its feuds with "Misfits in Action" and "Filthy Animals" prior to its dissolution following WCW's sale to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in March of 2001.

Here's a short clip of TC taking on "The Jung Dragons" with a special appearance by Major Gunns.

Was Team Canada one step above Creative's "We have nothing for you right now," or was it a legitimate faction with memorable matches?

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