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Video: CM Punk entrance at WWE Money in the Bank 2011

As part of a preview for the upcoming release of the "Money in the Bank" 2011 DVD, WWE released this video showcasing CM Punk's epic entrance in Chicago, Illinois for his main event match against John Cena.

It's still awesome to hear the crowd reaction. This was one of the rare moment's in today's professional wrestling world that something really and truly felt like a big deal ... because it was. This marked the last time Punk used this particular entrance music before switching to "Cult of Personality." It was also the first time he wore his now wildly popular "Best in the World" t-shirt. Punk would, of course, go on to win the title that night in an match filled with botches that didn't seem to detract from the quality one bit.

After the jump are two more preview videos, including one from that night's Raw Money in the Bank match, which was the usual spotfest that felt a little too much like someone was going to get killed before all was said and done and one from that night's Smackdown Money in the Bank match, which was a little less entertaining but less like people were going to die.

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