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On this date in TNA history: ReACTION debuts on Spike TV


On August 12, 2010, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) debuted its one hour docu-style series titled ReACTION on this date in TNA history. The series was designed to "bring the characters, story, and drama of TNA Wrestling's long running action format 'Impact!' to life in an entirely new and unique way."

TNA Executive Producer Eric Bischoff explains:

"The format of ReACTION is much different from what the fans are normally used to watching when they watch professional wrestling. It has more of a documentary feel. It goes much more in-depth into the characters, the back story and it kind of gets into the talent's heads in a much deeper way that we typically can with a live-action format. I think one of the things that makes the show the most unique, in addition to the format, is that we're shooting it on a medium that's relatively new to television. It's called DSLR video. Digital Single Lens Reflex video. It shoots highly compressed, very grainy video. It has an entirely different feel."

The pilot for ReACTION aired in April 2010 and was immediately picked up by Spike TV; however, the cable television network delayed the series premiere until August and the behind-the-scenes style of programming failed to get a "reaction" from fans, despite its lead-in from TNA "Impact!"

ReACTION was reportedly canceled on Dec. 27 with the final episode airing on Dec. 30, but TNA President Dixie Carter said the series was "never picked up as a 52-week show, it was planned to air through the end of 2010."

Bischoff, as usual, added his two cents -- and got labeled a "failure" in the process:

Any Cagesiders out there feeling a nostalgic ReACTION? Or good riddens?

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