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Matt and Jeff Hardy's TNA stalemate caused by rehab refusal

No TNA return in site for either Matt or Jeff Hardy.  Via <a href="">Daniel Farthing on Flickr</a>.
No TNA return in site for either Matt or Jeff Hardy. Via Daniel Farthing on Flickr.

You might be wondering why Matt Hardy still hasn't returned to work after his short term TNA suspension for repeated lateness and a particularly disturbing video involving his girlfriend Reby Sky being tasered by his brother Jeff while he looked on.  Some of you may even be wondering why TNA hasn't brought back Jeff yet too, as it's been nearly five months now since he became intoxicated during the Victory Road PPV causing the most embarrassing main event in major league wrestling history.  As Dave Meltzer reveals in this week's subscriber only Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both Hardy's TNA stalemate is over their adamant refusal to go into drug rehabilitation, which seems to be a sticking point that TNA aren't willing to budge on ... yet.  Jeff Hardy may eventually have no choice in the matter, as he could be forced to go into rehab if he loses his drug possession case in September (or whenever they finally make a decision on the matter).  Matt doesn't have that black cloud hanging over his head, so he's likely to sit at home and do whatever he wishes until TNA inevitably backs down or gives him his release, the latter of which may be what he really wants.

Matt's response to these rumours on Twitter is that there is nothing too them:

Not the all. RT @Gina_Gifford: @MATTHARDYBRAND Seriously?!?! What a bunch of crap.... than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Clearly the moral to this story is "never believe what the dirt sheets write, even though I've been a source for those sheets in the past and I haven't got an explanation, yet alone a good one, for why I'm not back on TV."

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