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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 8/1/11: CM Punk is Back!

Well he came back last week. Many people think that CM Punk came back too early. He might address that when he cuts a promo during the show, which he says will be "a moment we won't forget."  Also tonight, Triple H will decide who the real champion is. Will it be CM Punk (seen above)? Or, will it be John Cena. "Good ol' J.R." Jim Ross will be on the Play by Play and Michael Cole should be made to look like a fool again tonight. (Well, he'll look more of a fool than he always does.) There will also be a Diva Number One Contender Battle Royal. It should last more that 5 minutes. Also expect business to pick up as Summerslam is very close. More stories will develop tonight. I like the changes WWE has been making during the last few weeks. Quite a bit more can change tonight!

Tonight,  Raw gets started off with a recap of the CM Punk Saga from the last few weeks. We all know who is the real champion. CM Punk, and he is coming down to the ring now. We see all three announcers ringside and the crowd is loving CM Punk. CM Punk Speaks now. "The Champ is Here!" He sits in the middle of the ring to speak. He came back because he still has work to do. He loves working for WWE he just hates the people in control. He says says Cena is just a belt holder, Punk is the Champion. Out comes Triple H, he says he brought back Punk because it was good for business. He call Punk a smug, attention seeking, over rated superstar. He says Punk came back for his ego. Both Cena and Punk are WWE Champions. Punk responds, he implies that Triple H has to ask Stefanie for permission to make decisions. 

Diva battle Royal Number One Diva Contender Melina is eliminated early and  these ladies are getting eliminated so fast I can't keep up. Then they go to break during a Battle Royal. What if it the match ends during the break? The Bella's, Beth Phoenix, and Eve are left after Alicia Fox is eliminated. Eve is out next and Beth Phoenix eliminates both Bella twins. Kelly Kelly was ringside doing commentary and goes in congratulate her. Beth destroys her and says here days as the blond bombshell are numbered. I am glad Beth is gonna get a push. Winner : Beth Phoenix

R-Truth and The Miz are backstage discussing conspiracies and the like. They will team up tonight.

John Cena is backstage, he is focused on Triple H's decision.

R-Truth and The Miz vs Rey Mysterio and John Morrison Miz and Morrison start the match off. Rey and John are in full control and The Miz it taking a beating. Coming back from break, Truth is in control of Rey. I like what I am seeing from Truth tonight. I have heard people say that he can't work well. I think he is tonight, even if it is a Tag Match. WOW! Rey hit a drop kick on Miz as he was coming off the top rope. Might be the spot of the night. Winner : The Miz and R-Truth After the match the Miz and R Truth destroy Morrison with a water bottle.

Triple H in the back, He doesn't care about what Punk says and that Cena need to keep things strictly Business.

Mark Henry and Sheamus feud on SmackDown is gonna be good. I hope you guy are watching SmackDown.

I remember when The Ultimate Warrior did that! Memories. They had more Characters then. Honky Tonk Man, Junk Yard Dog, Macho Man, I miss those days.

Wow! King admitted that Vickie is looking better.Not saying she looks great but you know... Dolph and Vickie are out here. I like the promo Dolph is cutting and then out comes Alex Riley. He insults Vickie and she take Dolph's mic to respond. Alex Riley stops her and challenges Dolph to Drop Vickie. Dolph gets upset and takes off his jacket like he is ready to fight. Then in classic heel mode he rolls out of the ring. I can see Vickie smiling as she leaves the ring. Dolph is good.

Up Next Mike and David vs Zack Ryder and Santino

David Otunga and Michael  vs Santino and Zack Ryder Nice to see Mike and Dave with new music. Nexus is dead. Zack on Raw two weeks. Crowd is hot for Zack. Zack Went for the Rough Ryder but things go down hill. Zack did get some offense in. I am really glad to see them push the tag champs so this was a good thing. The tag division could be coming back. I could see Miz and Truth as tag champions soon. Winners : David Otunga and Michael

After they show a recap of earlier Punk is in the back and he says he was just testing Triple H earlier. He hopes Trips makes the right decision. It strictly business.

Alberto Del Rio vs Evan Bourne Its a shame that Lawler is trying to call this match and Cole is yapping and wont shut up. He is really taking away from this match. Cross Arm Breaker and JR keeps calling it an arm bar. He has been away for a while. Winner : Alberto Del Rio  Del Rio puts Bourne back in the Arm Breaker and Kofi comes out for the save.

The poll is in and the fans voted Cena should be the champ.

Out comes Triple H. For the first time in WWE History, they have two Champions. John Laurinatis comes to the ring, he says McMahon would want Cena stripped of the title. I don't see that. Out comes Cena he picks on John straight way. After that goes on for a while, Cena chases him down to the ring. Triple H all but says he will strip Punk of the title and then out comes CM Punk and he wants answers. Triple H decides they will fight for it at summer slam. After the match the try to see who will get the biggest cheers from the crowd.

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