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WWE's Sin Cara advertised to return on August 20th in Tacoma

As reported by's Jason is advertising that Sin Cara will appear on the August 20th Smackdown brand house show in Tacoma, Washington.  He's also booked for every Smackdown show onwards including WWE's tour of Mexico in October.  Despite all cards being advertised as subject to change, this is strong evidence that Cara will be brought back immediately after his 30 day suspension for a failed steroid test has run its course.  It seems that cooler heads have prevailed despite rumours that WWE management were so upset at Cara they were considering firing him due to deep unhappiness with his backstage attitude and his unauthorised interview with Record where he downplayed his Wellness policy infraction.  This is the conclusion I expected, as Cara is a big name in Mexico, WWE's hottest market, and for a newcomer is getting over well with American audiences.  Moreover, it would reflect badly on Triple H if his first handpicked project after taking over developmental was fired in disgrace after only six months with the company.  Hopefully Cara has learnt his lesson from this close shave with the pink slip, as he's a great talent with bags of potential to be one of WWE's hottest babyface stars for years to come.  Indeed, his rumoured feud with old rival Averno, who is surely breathing a huge sigh of relief right now that his friend's mistakes didn't manage to screw up this big opportunity for him, promises to be a rare spectacular midcard feud for a Smackdown brand with such little depth, as they have great chemistry together from working with each other for so long in Mexico.

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