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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 7/4/11 The CM Punk Fallout


via By Jon Sullivan

After last weeks memorable show, tonight I expect we will see the fallout of the CM Punk Shoot Promo. I avoided as much of the spoilers that were out this week, so i do not know what will happen tonight. I am really hoping for some strong follow up from last week. I am looking forward to seeing what Mark Henry does tonight as well as many others. Happy Fourth of July folks! I hope we have a good show tonight. Join in the chat as I do my LiveBlog.

After showing a review of CM Punk's actions last week, Cena comes out and defends Punk and says he should not be suspended. Turns out Cena is calling out Vince McMahon, he will be here tonight to address the situation.

Looks like there will be a diva tag match next. Eve and Kelly Kelly will team up.

Bella Twins vs Eve and Kelly Kelly Eve is taking a beating early on. She hurt her shoulder early on in the match getting thrown out of the ring. Kelly Kelly hits a new finisher I think, to win the match. Winner : Eve and Kelly Kelly

Now they are showing a video pumping up Adam, the tough enough winner.

Backstage Truth is talking on the phone with Flo trying to get insurance. He doesn't feel he should have to fight to be number one contender. He should be already. In comes Del Rio and he gets in Truth's face

Santino and Kozlov vs David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty Santino seems to go for the Cobra earlier and earlier each match. David escaped the attempt. I did find it interesting the David and Mike came down to CM Punks music. If Punk leaves, they will need new music.Mike hits his running neck breaker. Winner : David and Mike After the match Zack Ryder comes out just to say. "Woo Woo Woo, You Know it" Bro.I bet soon, he will be getting more and more time.

I like this promo by The Miz, he is upset he isn't in the three way match, Riley will have to pay.

Looks like Jack Swagger will face Sgt. Slaughter tonight. I am so excited!

Jack Swagger vs Sgt Slaughter I am not expecting much from this match. Just like I thought, it is over before it really starts. Winner : Jack Swagger After the Match Swagger puts slaughter in the Ankle Lock. Bourne comes in for the save. After the match, Slaughter recited the pledge of allegiance.

Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio This is going to be the best match yet. This match has big ramifications, I think Del Rio will win. No way its Rey.They can't have Rey vs Cena an they just had Truth vs Cena. Man, I knew they would go on break during this one. There are lots of near falls in this match but Del Rio win via his Cross Arm Breaker. Winner : Alberto Del Rio

Now that I see Neal Patrick Harris is in the Smurfs movie I nay wanna see it. It may not be anything like the cartoon though.

They showed Shelton Benjamin a lot in the Money in the Bank Promo.

Out comes Dolph and Vickie, They are going to celebrate the nation and Dolph's birthday. She sings him happy birthday. Kofi comes out and he feels Vickie is the reason Dolph has the belt. The two brawl and Vickie is now covered in birthday cake.

Alex Riley vs The Miz These two have good chemistry, I think this will be a good match. I am really tired of the breaks during the matches. Maybe I am crazy, but I think it happens too much. The match ends soon after coming back from break. Winner : Alex Riley. The Miz snaps after the match. Nice boot to the face by Miz. He didn't beat up Riley as good as Riley beat him though.

Out comes Vince and he stresses how Punk caused this on himself. He will not turn over his decision. Out comes Cena. The funniest thing he did tonight was mock Vince's walk. Vince admits he doesn't want the fight because he is afraid Punk might win. He can't have that. Cena decides he will quit if Punk is suspended. As he is leaving Vince stops him and agrees to lift suspension. If Cena doesn't keep the belt at Money in the Bank, Vince will fire him on the spot.

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