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Ex WWE wrestler Michael Tarver the latest to badmouth John Cena

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to announce that we have a new challenger for the title of most bitter and delusional midcard wrestler ever.  I'm sure Chavo Guerrero will be relieved.  That hard to earn moniker may now deserve to be held by former WWE wrestler Tyrone Evans, better known as green NXT rookie and bit player in the Nexus angle Michael Tarver, who was fired by the company last month.  Not content to merely take the usual potshots at John Cena for being far from a smooth, technically proficient worker, Evans in a rambling series of tweets on July 27th alleged that Cena ultimately cost him his dream job and marriage by fracturing his arm on purpose in an angle together because Cena felt threatened by his talent.  I've edited his rant slightly to make it easier for people to read:

Family im a baaad man YAHWEH NISSI.  Soooooooo stop me if you heard this one.  For starters I went from sleeping in a car to being on 2 Wrestlemanias.  Fun fact there.  Soooooo this guy has a dream job but an adv(antage) he meets his dream girl ... on his dream job he was to be away from his kids, so he makes it work while spending 3 years trying to get his daughter to Tampa to live (with) him away from addict mother.  Now during this dream job he fights, trains, shows crazy potential on the mic, regarded as one the best ever in developmental.  So he moves on to NXT and Raw where he is buried on TV, treated like trash backstage to the point where a certain top superstar takes notice of this guy building steam with his promos backstage and begins to feel threatened.  So one night on a PPV the champ purposely fractures this persons arm with a chair and after the match backstage laughs in his face about it and walks off.  You know im talking about you just cant see him.  Anyway, he takes out threats to his throne backstage to the point where they even get released from their dream job and ironically this guys dream wife leaves him threatening to take everything from him a month later on the same day his daughter was to move in with them.  Now his daughter is hysterical beyond help and has to be sent back home after three years of fighting and one week there.  Hmmmmm, makes you wonder is it worth it because in your opinions WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS BAD ENOUGH TO SCARE A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY?  So I saw to all things, mention ME, I'M THAT BAD MAN, YAHWEH NISSI.  When you fear nothing you scare everyone around you no matter who they are.

In reality, Tarver didn't have much going for himself outside of a cool finisher and showing flashes of star presence in the original Nexus angle, so it's hard to believe that Cena would feel the need to sabotage his career in such a physical fashion.  Much more believable, especially given his arrogance about his own abilities, would be that Tarver was being punished by Cena for a perceived attitude problem.  As Sin Cara has found out to his peril, it's a big no no for someone who's new to the company to carry themselves like a superstar backstage, even if they are getting a main event level push.

Evans explained the incident in more detail on July 28th in response to questions from fans:

No, lol, I was fine with that.  It was a PPV when he hit myself and Otunga with multiple chair shots that we didnt know were coming and one was aimed for my head so I put my arm up to protect myself and the chair caught my arm and fractured it, but I kept working.  If you notice the Raw when the Nexus had a gauntlet against Cena I had alot more tape on my left arm, because it was fractured and I didnt know it yet for sure, along with a slew of injuries I was working on, but I'm a machine.

I'm not sure how Cena could possibly fracture his arm on purpose when he wasn't aiming to hit his arm with the chair.  A reckless spot yes, but not a premeditated attempt to put him out of action.

Bombarded with negative feedback, an increasingly irked Evans backtracked yesterday claiming that he never said that Cena had broke his arm on purpose, even though he did indeed say that:  

YAHWEH NISSI. I'm going to clear the air in case you were under a rock or making love to yourself to Redtube and missed the entire convo I had with fans yesterday.  I never said John Cena "broke my arm on purpose".  I did say he carelessly swung a chair at my head and I had to put my arm up and it fractured my arm and he knew I was hurt backstage because when I went to shake his hand he laughed and walked past me and then stopped and said "hows the arm" and laughed and walked away.  That's what actually happened.  As far as spelling, no excuses I'm dumb.  SIKE.  Please I'm typing from a tablet and the words guessing function is a headache but useful when I do forget how to spell words like MARK or NERD LOL or even ADULT John Cena fan who sits next to the 9 year old girls at TV tapings and screams louder.  But to be real and fair NO ONE draws like John Cena NO ONE and I know from first hand experience and from that experience I learned alot from John Cena.  But I don't care if you believe me or not I FEAR NO MAN OR HIS OPINIONS but I do appreciate your comments and opinions and feel free.  BTW DEAR ENEMY AND HATERS IF YOU ONLY KNEW WHAT IM ABOUT TO BECOME AFTER THIS STORM YOU WOULDNT HAVE TESTED ME .......YAHWEH NISSI.

Oh no, Evans must have been the latest victim of the Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker!  Indeed, Evans even confirmed that this was the case today:

Btw, any Twitter fan I contact through email beware my email password has been hacked and she tried to get my facebook password but I prevented it so thanx for the support ,,,,,stay tuned.....JAHOVAH SHALOM.

Good Lord, the Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker is spreading his criminal deeds to email and Facebook!  This is getting even more serious folks.  We need this villain brought to justice before it's too late and he brings the entire wrestling industry to its very knees.  No wrestling personality is safe from this despicable demon!  Well, maybe CM Punk can sleep easy, despite surely being at the top of the Hacker's hit list he strangely seems completely invulnerable to his evil powers.

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