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TNA tries to cash in on WWE's CM Punk frenzy with old videos

Right now on, one of the items on the bar at the top of the site is an article about old CM Punk matches being featured on TNA On Demand.

In the first of our new "TNA Archives" Superstar Series, next week CM Punk is coming to - the official online video provider of TNA Wrestling! Watch CM Punk's rare 2003-04 matches from our Nashville "Asylum" Pay-Per-View events, the beginning of TNA Wrestling!

Nearly three hours of CM Punk matches, never rebroadcast in their entirety - UNTIL NOW! Watch as CM Punk battles Abyss, Raven, Terry Funk, Sabu, Shane Douglas and more - including 2003 TNA appearances by Mickie James! Check back to on Thursday to watch it, plus details on more upcoming "TNA Archives" Superstar Series specials

Oh dear.

Oh....oh dear.

I think it's pretty well known that Punk is not really a fan of TNA in any way, to the point that he made fun of them during promos he cut in ROH.  It's incredibly shrewd of TNA given the amount of money that anything related to to Punk is generating, but after finding out about this I just keep thinking that I wish I could see how angry he gets when he finds out about this, because Punk being really pissed off can be really entertaining.  Especially if he's pissed off at TNA.

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