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Sin Cara WWE update: attitude problems the real reason for possible firing

Though Sin Cara's future with WWE remains uncertain over his recent drug test failure, some new information about his predicament was broken by Mexican wrestling expert Dr. Lucha Steve Sims on today's Figure Four Daily podcast:

  • Though the test failure has been reported to be due to steroids, Sims is not so sure about that, as Cara is telling people in Mexico that the failure was due to some pain medication for his knee that's on the WWE's banned substances list which he wasn't able to supply them a prescription for.  Some people believe Cara's story, as he's had a history of knee problems for quite some time.  Cara gave a very similar explanation for his suspension to the Mexican newspaper Record last week.  
  • Sims is claiming that the drug test failure was the excuse people were looking for to send him a message about his attitude backstage and stresses that's the reason why they are considering firing him.  The WWE locker room seems to view him similarly to many of the women he's tried to date in Mexico, "a real jerk" who feels he's "superior" to everyone.  WWE management is also irked that "he apparently hasn't lifted a finger yet to study English".  One wonders whether we would have heard anything about his Wellness problems, if he hadn't rubbed up so many of his colleagues the wrong way and had at least feigned a little bit of interest in learning the local language.
  • Sims thinks it's less than 50/50 that he'll be brought back straight away after his 30 day suspension is over.
  • Averno looks like he hasn't been to the gym in three weeks and is losing his definition, because he's working 10+ shots a week for CMLL and independent promoters in Mexico to capitalise on the infamy he's gained between the reports he's signed with WWE and his recent unmasking.  If Cara comes back to WWE, then Averno is expected to follow soon after, but if he comes in looking out of shape, that could be the kiss of death for him.

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