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WWE Champion CM Punk interview by ESPN's Bill Simmons is now up

As promised, ESPN's Bill Simmons interviewed WWE Champion CM Punk yesterday for his "B.S. Report" podcast.  It went up today and the ESPN web player version is here, while the direct MP3 link is here.  It's an excellent 42+ minute chat covering a variety of topics, including...

  • The obvious stuff like the Raw promo in Las Vegas and and Punk's title win at Money In The Bank last Sunday.
  • "Cult of Personality" being Punk's new entrance music, the significance of it, how he had wanted it for his entrance at Money In The Bank, how he's now in the position to get whatever he wants, and his philosophy on changes that go with changes in character.
  • Other wrestlers on the roster not changing things up enough.
  • How he had planned to leave WWE after Money In the Bank and how what happened made him want to stick around longer.
  • Coming back quickly from his elbow and hip injuries.
  • What wrestlers he enjoys watching and working with.
  • The Miz's promos being too artificial.
  • Being a fan of "chubby bad guy Shawn Michaels" when he was younger.
  • The hold John Cena has over children and Punk making children cry.

...among many other things.  It's well worth listening to.  If you want even more Punk audio, you can check out my chat with him from Thanksgiving Eve 2008, which sure was interesting for me to listen to with the benefit of hindsight a few weeks ago.

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