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WWE Diva Maryse Files Restraining Order Against Fan, More on Stalkers

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TMZ is reporting that WWE diva Maryse has went to the L.A County Superior Court to file a restraining order against Lee Sibler, 61, claiming he has bombarded her with threatening letters and phone calls that have put her in fear of her life. Maryse, who has been dating former WWE champion The Miz for several years, claims Sibler has sent "numerous terrifying letters to my home and left more than 50 voicemails on my personal cell phone all of which are extremely disturbing and delusional." She claims his behaviour has intensified in recent weeks with Sibler vowing that he is "coming to LA for me"  and that he will "take me to heaven with him." Maryse told TMZ that Sibler is a "crazy stalker ... who needs to either be in a psychiatric hospital or jail." Mr Sibler also left some rather disturbing messages, which echo Maryse's complaints about him, on this Maryse fan page. The article notes she is due back in court on August. TMZ, presumably trying to send him even further over the edge, have been attempting to contact Sibler, but have so far gotten no response.

This isn't the first time a wrestler has faced these problems.  Deeann Siden, an African-American woman from Michigan, was arrested for stalking then-WWE wrestler Kurt Angle in 2003 after following around Kurt as he toured the country and leaving numerous threatening voice messages towards his then-wife Karen on their answering machine.  "This girl has been stalking and harassing me for over a year, terrorizing my whole family," Kurt said at the time. "I'm completely relieved she's in jail now. I want this to be over with." Rather embarrassingly, he later admitted during his reality show pilot, "The Real Angle," that he had had an affair with Siden for several months, which sparked the entire thing.

It was also alleged Siden stalked Ric Flair in the past, too.  When asked about it in an interview, Flair said "It started in the late 80s. This chick was from Flint, Michigan. Everywhere I went, she was there. I had her arrested in Detroit. I had her arrested in Chicago. I had her arrested in Daytona. In Charlotte, she bit a policeman who was trying to arrest her. She moved to Charlotte where she started working at a Burger King and started harrassing my family. Once she was in court and jumped up and called my lawyer a White M************ H*****, then she called the judge a racist. They had to restrain her in court...By God,  she was brutal. She was 6'2" and weighed 180 pounds. She got sent to jail for 5 months and then got right back on my ass again, so we put her back in. I haven't heard from her since. It was a nightmare. It went on for years."

Flair denied he was traumatized from the incident though: "It was just annoying. I insulted her. I called her every name in the book. Terrible things. She just wouldn't go away. There was no way to intimidate her." Flair also described the woman in terms that would make one think she was almost a 'Super-Stalker': "Once she pulled up in front of the airport Sheraton in Cleveland. The cops were already there. She took off, going down the wrong way down I-70 in a high-speed chase. It took nine cops to take her down."

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