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Video of WWE Champion CM Punk on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night on ABC

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, a sketch was aired involving CM Punk, Kimmel's cousin Sal, and Sal's son Archie.  I'm guessing this was shot while Punk was in California for the San Diego Comic-Con last week.

The premise is Punk arguing with Archie, who's a Cena fan.  During the sketch, Punk argues that he has a "championship title," while Archie says it's a "belt."  That's pretty inside for this kind of appearance.

It's pretty funny stuff and great exposure for Punk.  Kinda strange to see Punk in the New Nexus gear, though, as opposed to the "Best In the World" shirt.  Maybe they hadn't decided to sell the latter online yet so he wore the old shirt to promote the remaining stock available at  I dunno.  Anyway, just watch it.  The official YouTube video of the sketch is after the jump in two parts, presumably so ABC can double-dip on ad revenue.

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