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Filed under: and YouTube have CM Punk videos from after Raw has posted a video of CM Punk from after Raw went off the air.  He picks up the microphone, says "IIII'mmm baaaack!", drops the mic, demands they make some new shirts available while pointing at his "Best In The World" shirt (if you spent $500+ on eBay, then it sucks to be you), and does the "WHAT'S MY NAME?!?!" shtick.

Meanwhile, odareaters1 on YouTube has posted two post-show videos, one before Punk's (very brief) promo, the other after.

"MulletPlanet" has his own version of the "I'm Back" promo.

The show-closing segment is all over YouTube in various forms.  Here's one version.

Also, a ridiculously large amount of people uploaded Living Color "Cult of Personality" with a Punk-related image so they could be the first to get "CM PUNK'S NEW ENTRANCE THEME MUSIC" hits.  They will inevitably be pulled or have ads placed on top of them by Sony Music because...well, you've used YouTube, haven't you?  You know what I'm talking about.

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