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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/25/11 Poll: Was CM Punk's Return to the WWE Rushed?

As you surely know by now, WWE Champion CM Punk made his return to WWE Monday Night Raw in the final moments of the broadcast this evening. After John Cena beat Rey Mysterio (who beat the Miz) for the WWE Championship, it appeared to be a cookie cutter "The champ is here," moment. Then the bomb was dropped. CM Punk entered to Living Colour's "Cult of Personality", wearing the real WWE Championship.

Punk's exodus from the WWE has been the topic of a great deal of speculation. When would he return? Where would he appear next? Would the champion truly go wrestle for other promotions? Well, that speculation was put to an end with Punk's return tonight...but now the debate is on.

Did the WWE pull the trigger on this too soon? Was CM Punk's return to the WWE rushed? Either side can make a solid argument for their opinion in this case, and I implore you to join us in the comment section of this article to discuss whether or not CM Punk's return was too soon. Before that though, vote in the poll below!!!

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