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CM Punk returns to WWE after Rey Mysterio loses title to John Cena on Raw

Raw is The Internet Exploding.

As Danyon just finished liveblogging about, we just had a very eventful and wrestling-heavy edition of Monday Night Raw.


There are few big stories coming out of it.  First, the WWE Championship.  Rey Mysterio beat The Miz to win the tournament and official WWE Championship.  Alberto Del Rio tried to cash in Raw Money In The Bank contract, but Rey cut him off with a dive before the bell rang, so Del Rio fled with the briefcase while waving off the ref.  Rey got a champagne bath backstage by the non-Cena babyfaces after the match, which is awful because the true WWE Championship shouldn't reek of alcohol.  Later, during his State of WWE Address, new C.O.O. Triple H announced that Mysterio had agreed to defend the title against Cena in the main event.  Cena won an excellent match.  As he was celebrating, his music was cut off.

Cue epic riff.

Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" started playing as Cena was befuddled.  Of course, some fans knew what to expect as soon as the opening riff hit based on the Summer of 2005 in Ring of Honor: CM Punk with his WWE Championship belt.  He got a huge pop when he walked out onto the stage.  When he hit the ring, both lifted their respected belt up and Punk got a noticeably bigger pop from the fans.  Fade to black.

It was pretty quick for something like this to happen, but it was awesomeSUMMER OF PUNK II!

Meanwhile, Triple H also brought back Jim Ross as lead announcer and made Michael Cole wrestle Zack Ryder, who quickly won with the Rough Ryder.  Cole was decked out in Triple H's gear and came out to his alternate "King of Kings" song for whatever reason.  Triple H also "re-signed" John Morrison, who attacked R-Truth.  Weird continuity mistake even by WWE standards, since Morrison was injured, not fired.

More later.  For now...








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