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WWE Monday Night Raw Review 7/25/11: CM Punk Returns to Greet the New WWE Champion


Tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw proved to be an entertaining show, with solid wrestling all around, Triple H getting plenty of face time, Jim Ross being brought back in to commentate regularly, Zack Ryder crushing Michael Cole, and a very good match between Rey Mysterio and John Cena for the WWE Championship.  Mysterio defeat The Miz to kick off the show, but Triple H announced that John Cena would be granted his rematch for the title he lost to CM Punk in the main event.  After a back and forth battle in which both John Cena and Rey Mysterio proved their worth, Cena countered the 619 with an Attitude Adjustment, and scored the three count.  

With John Cena celebrating, and plenty of people rolling their eyes at Cena getting the title back after not participating in the tournament, Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" rang out through the arena.  Nothing played on the titantron, and Cena looked confused.  Then, CM Punk stepped onto the ramp, and a new titantron package played featuring CM Punk's "Best in the World" motto. The smug champion stepped into the ring and stared down Cena, leading Cena to life his title in the air, the crowd cheering for him.  Punk lifted his title, which is now fitted with the "CM Punk" nameplate, and the crowd cheered even louder for him.  The cameras went dark as Cena left the ring.

What does this mean?  Are the WWE brass looking to pull the plug on this ASAP?  Have they called an audible, thrown Alberto Del Rio out the window, and chosen to cash in on CM Punk?  With Summer Slam just around the corner, a CM Punk vs. John Cena title unification bout seems like the match everyone will be wanting to see.  Whatever is happening, I'm glad to see Punk back on WWE TV, even though I was perfectly fine with them leaving him in Chicago for a month to milk the angle.  What happens next is anyone's guess, but if the WWE continues at this rate, it should deliver just as the past few weeks have.

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