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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 7/25/11 The Triple H Era


Tonight on Raw, the final match in the tournament for the interim WWE Championship. Rey  Mysterio vs The Miz should be a good match and I have to believe it will be more than 5 minutes. Also Summer Slam is coming soon, the build up for that will begin tonight. I am hoping tonight is the beginning of the end of the mystery GM thing also. Also, how will Triple H address the CM Punk issue. Tune in tonight and join me as we see how it all pans out.


Ok, it looks like the match that I thought would be the main event is the opening match. Rey Mysterio vs The Miz in a match for the "WWE Championship". Backstage everyone is watching this match on TV. They now have the ring announcer introduce both men and then the match off on.

The Miz vs Rey Mysterio WWE Championship Match I like the action in this match so far. It's funny listening to Cole lust over the Miz while Lawler hates on him. Both men are down outside the ring as they go on break. It has been a pretty even match so far but Miz has had the edge. Coming back from the break Miz is still in control and I have to admit this is a good match. The Miz is getting frustrated at not being able to finish Rey and get keep getting close getting beat. He hit Rey with a sling shot power bomb to no avail. Then there it is 619 and the splash. Winner : Rey Mysterio New WWE Champion After the match Del Rio comes to the ring, trying to cash in the Money in the Bank contract. Rey attacks him and Del Rio reconsiders.

Tonight Triple H will do a State of the WWE speech tonight.

Backstage, every one is congratulating Rey. He even gets a campaign bath. He is happy to be champ.

Now, a recap of McMahon be fired by Triple H.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie vs Evan Bourne Funny, these two looked alike a few months ago.  Dolph is in full control of this match. Loud Vickie sucks chant of the crowd. Bourne misses Air Bourne. Dolph gets the sleeper on Evan after the Zig-Zag. Winner : Dolph Ziggler He challenged the locker room to follow that! 

I like this "new" Dolph Ziggler. I think he is about to get a push.

After the match the Bella's and Eve are fighting and in comes Keith Stone. He put an identifying tatoo on one of their arm.

Maryse and Melina vs Kelly Kelly and Eve Eve and Maryse start off the match. In comes Kelly Kelly and she is dangerous in the ring. Winner : Kelly Kelly and Eve It is good to see they are getting behind someone in the Diva division. These tag matches are giver Kelly enough time be do her thing while not enough for her to mess up.

R-Truth is talking Triple H's ear off as they go to break.

Out comes Triple H and he is here to give a State of the WWE speech. He will also announce the return of a major WWE Superstar. First Triple H wants to acknowledge Vince McMahon and thank him for all he has done for the business. Next he congratulates Rey Mysterio. Rey will have to fight again in another championship match against John Cena. I didn't see that coming but I am not surprised. Now he teases a CM Punk return and out comes Jim Ross. Yes! This is great. Cole is upset. I hope the GM thing is gone as well. Cole looks to Triple H for answers and the crowd chants "You Suck" to Cole. Cole gets on the announcers table and wants to know what is going on? He refuses to work with Jim Ross. He is going off big time on Ross. Triple H waits till he is done and says if he quits he wont get his severance package. He then books Cole in a match and his match is next. Now out comes R-Truth. He wants some answers. He likes what he sees so far but he want to know what Triple H will do for him. After H ribs truth he announces that the guy he signed was Morrison. It is good to here JR back on commentary.

Michael Cole vs Zack Ryder Woo Woo Woo You Know it Bro! Yes! Take care, spike your hair! With a Rough Ryder Zack wins. Winner : Zack Ryder!

Alberto Del Rio vs  Kofi Kingston The match gets off to a good start. I am really enjoying JR. They go to break early in this match and Del Rio is frustrated by high flying Kofi. Coming back from break Del Rio is in control. But Kofi gets another near fall. Arm bar take down (thanks JR) by Del Rio setting up for a future Cross Arm Breaker. Then there is is. Winner : Alberto Del Rio

The Miz is not happy with the way things are going tonight.

Rey Mysterio vs John Cena WWE Championship  These guys are working a good match. I like how Rey keeps kicking Cena's leg. That can come into play later on. Every one is blocking the 619 lately. This is a good match. 619 splash! No! Cena countered. Cena's knee is hurt bad. JR has the mic and this is like old times. Rey kicked out from Cena Top Rope leg drop. The Rey goes for the 619 again and runs into an attitude adjustment. Winner : John Cena

As Cena celebrates Colt of Personality plays and out comes CM Punk with the belt. The Real Champ. Punk comes down to the ring and Cena looks like a fool in my eyes. Cena raises his belt and gets a pop. Punk raises his belt and gets a bigger pop. Cena looks hurt and leaves as Raw goes off the air.

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