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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/25/2011 Preview: What has CM Punk been up to?


On 7/17/11 at WWE Money in the Bank 2011, CM Punk overcame the odds, defeating John Cena, and avoiding Raw money in the bank winner Alberto Del Rio's attempt to cash in.  Punk escaped through the crowd with the WWE title, and Vincent K. McMahon's dignity.  Since that night, Punk has been scrubbed from WWE history, but he's very much active if you know where to find him.  Over the past week, the champion has been vocal on Twitter, as well as Youtube, and even made an appearance at an indy show with Colt Cabana.  In this WWE Monday Night Raw preview, Cageside Seats has rounded up all of Punk's antics from the past week.  First off, let's see what the champ was up to a week ago today, the day after he left with the WWE championship.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the champ is...where?

Punk's first tweet came during the early hours of the morning on the 18th of July:

"@WWEUniverse: It's 12:00 a.m. ... Do you know where your WWE Champion is? #MITB @CMPunk" The champ


Later that day, Punk was active on Twitter, letting the world know quickly that he had no intentions of showing up at that night's Raw, and was spending time at home in Chicago:

On my couch. About to put the title on the line against Piston Honda.

t's been a long time since I've been this physically spent after a match. Yet, at the gym with Ace and @ColtCabana Cubs/phillies later!

I bet vince is putting on make up right now to go on tv and talk. That'll be interesting. #whatamanuver


Cubs are up 3-1! Best Monday ever.

New champ? How can that be, when the champ


Watching RAW or drunk at cubs game?!? YOU make the call!


Cubs win!!!!!!!!!!!


He's got a bicycle!!!

Well, he DID have a bicycle...the 19th was a quiet day from Punk on Twitter but there was a fun exchange between him and another former WWE Superstar:

Somebody stole my bike!

Who stepped forward as the culprit? None other than Y2J Chris Jericho, who outed himself in the following tweet:

Hey I just stole CM Punks bike! It's purple and has a basket and a bell and a Day-Glo Abortions sticker on it.... Shhhhhhh

Okay, so Jericho was in Europe at the time and certainly couldn't have pulled off the bike heist, but CM Punk didn't miss a beat:



San Diego? What's in San Diego?

On the 20th Punk announced he was in San Diego.  Instantly, one could assume he was going to the San Diego Comic-Con.  Take it a step further, and one could presume that Punk would make some sort of appearance at the WWE's booth or panel at the event.  He's a helluva party crasher:

Just got to San Diego. Let's party.

I just saw the Flash on a Segway.

...and boy oh boy is @cobracommander out of shape.

Then, without any sort of Twitter foreshadowing, word came out that Punk had crashed the WWE panel at Comic-Con, confronting "new" WWE Chairman of the Board, Triple H. It wasn't long after, a video on a channel called "ThisIsCMPunk" surfaced.


Zip up your fly, bro!

On the 23rd, CM Punk made his first post-WWE indy show appearance, at AAW.  No, Punk wasn't putting the WWE title on the line against anyone, or even putting on his wrestling gear.  Colt Cabana was taking some time to say a few kind words about Gregory Iron, who is a wrestler with cerebral palsy, and brought out Punk to say his piece on Iron as well.  Beware, you may get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside when watching this.  


Tonight, it's highly unlikely we'll see or hear from CM Punk, but with Triple H at the helm now, we may at least hear his name mentioned.  Will an olive branch be extended to Punk tonight?  Will a new WWE Champion be crowned?  We'll have to see, but it looks like the WWE is committed to seeing this through, for better or worse, which is thrilling if you ask me!

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