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Extended video of CM Punk-HHH angle at WWE Comic-Con panel surfaces

Two more versions of the CM Punk-Triple H confrontation at the WWE/Mattel panel at the San Diego Comic-Con have surfaced since yesterday.  Besides the video on what appears to be Punk's new official YouTube channel that Kaleb embedded in his original post and the really bad one that I linked in the comments, YouTube user repchak got a better camera angle than whoever shot it for Punk and action figure vendor Ringside Collectibles (there to shoot the whole panel) posted the best version so far on their YouTube channel.  The Ringside Collectibles version starts before Punk's entrance, has the best angle on him and Triple H, has possibly the best sound quality, and continues after the others end.  After the others cut off, Triple H tries to get in a comeback and then makes a short speech about what just happened to end the panel.

Here's a transcript of what was Triple H said after Punk told him that (Triple H's wife) Stephanie McMahon had his phone number and could call him:

As Punk is leaving, responding to the Stephanie comment:

I can call Beth and get it from her.

(Beth Phoenix is Punk's girlfriend)

After the fans settle down and stop cheering/chanting "CM Punk":

What astounds me than in all of this, is that you cheer him, when he refuses to wrestle for you.  He hasn't wrestled a match yet.  I...I...y'know, if he wants to come back and work, and he wants to perform for all of you, the door is open.  Like I said, it's a new day, new regime.  All he's got to do is make the phone call...I'll call him, it doesn't matter, but: The thing that gets me the most is...every performer that's ever held that championship, from start 'til now, has won it, and performed, every single night, like Bret talked about.  Day in, day out, it didn't matter how was the travel, it didn't matter all that, didn't matter for you.  He is refusing to step in the ring for you, and that's all I have to say about it.

When was the last time wrestling was this fun, anyway?

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