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WWE mad at Sin Cara for his unauthorised interview in Mexico

Sin Cara, the former Mistico, could find himself back wrestling in Mexico full time if he's not careful.  (<a href="">Photo by upeslases on flickr</a>)
Sin Cara, the former Mistico, could find himself back wrestling in Mexico full time if he's not careful. (Photo by upeslases on flickr)

In a very predictable development, Dave Meltzer reported in today's news update at that WWE was furious at Sin Cara for giving an unauthorised interview with Mexican daily sports newspaper Record yesterday.  They probably also weren't happy with the contents of that interview, as Cara made a bogus claim that the failed steroid test that led to his 30 day WWE suspension was a false positive caused by a routine cortisone injection in his knee.

If you're getting a strange feeling of deja vu, then there's a good reason for that.  Sin Cara is copying how Rey Mysterio handled his drug test failure in the late summer of 2009, as Mysterio also gave an unauthorised interview to Record claiming that he was unfairly suspended on a technicality.  It worked out fine for Mysterio, as he managed to patch things up with WWE management soon after tempers on both sides had cooled down and I expect Sin Cara expects a similar conclusion, that all will be forgiven in a few days time.  But for Cara it's a much riskier strategy, as although he was getting over well for a newcomer, he's still expendable, as he's not the only Hispanic star the company has got and far from the biggest one too.  So Cara is on very thin ice at the moment; what his future entails with the company has yet to be determined.

Ironically the big benefactor of Cara's political problems is Mysterio, as he is reportedly in line for a renewed push now that he's the only masked wrestler in the company.  What a difference six months makes!  Cara was signed partly due to frustrations with Mysterio, who was banged up and working a lighter schedule than they wanted to at the time.  WWE has found out that it's better the devil Mexican prima donna you know, than the one you don't.

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