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CM Punk Crashes WWE's Panel at Comic-Con, Confronts Triple H

When word came out that WWE Champion CM Punk was making his way to San Diego, we knew it was highly likely that he'd be paying a visit to the WWE's panel at Comic-Con.  Sure enough, Punk was enjoying the convention today, but took the time to pay a visit to his old friends at the WWE.  Thankfully, cameras were rolling (many, many cameras) and the entire scene was has found it's way to Youtube.

Woah.  Let's recap.

  • CM Punk enters the conference room where Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Bret Hart, and Raw writer Brian Gewirtz where taking questions.  Punk announces himself via megaphone, and the fans go nuts.
  • Punk asks "Hunter" how life in fantasy land was, with the new WWE Chairman (well, sort of) replying with "How's life in the unemployment line?"
  • Punk brings up the WWE looking to crown a new champ, then tells Rey that if he wants the belt he can come to Chicago and challenge for it.
  • Then, Punk asks Gewirtz when he's going to put Zach Ryder on TV.
  • Hunter then says it's a new regime, and that he should get in touch with him, so they can work something out.  Punk says Hunter can get a hold of him, he's pretty sure Stephanie has his number.
This is exactly how the WWE should use social networking and the internet, do not doubt for a second that this was not all part of the plan.  Both twitter and youtube are key in this angle, and even though Vince McMahon wasn't pleased with this past Monday Night Raw's 3.2 rating, I believe that pushing forward with this can be groundbreaking.

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