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Cash strapped Ric Flair opens an online memorabilia store

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Ric Flair is probably feeling the pinch at the moment.  TNA has stopped booking him, partially to save costs and partially to punish him over his refusal to cut an interview as requested at a major house show in Brooklyn on July 1st.  According to Dave Meltzer in his July 18th subscriber only Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Flair got into an argument with road agent D-Lo Brown at that show and it seems like TNA management have decided to back their personnel up in a messy situation that should have been easily resolved.  I guess Flair didn't take too kindly to being told what to do by someone who was a lesser star during his career than even Dustin Rhodes.  Flair hasn't had to resort to food stamps just yet, but he is having to hawk merchandise in a newly opened official online memorabilia store.

In part, this could also be an attempt to undercut Highspots who successfully sued Flair for money owed from past loans and as part of the settlement received 300 autographed photos to sell in their online store, which they are currently selling for $29.99.  Flair is selling a range of autographed photos, some for five dollars cheaper than what Highspots are.

Along with the other staples of autographed books, DVDs, posters and T-shirts, Flair is selling five minute personal phone calls and video chats for $495 and $750, respectively.  Perhaps inspired by Highspots' failed attempt to sell off his official NWA World Heavyweight Tight belt via eBay, also being sold are high quality, handcrafted, custom-made replicas of that belt for a whopping $4,750.  Flair's probably hoping they sell out faster than CM Punk "Best In The World" T-shirts.  He needs the money to continue to be able to live the life of a Nature Boy.

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