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CM Punk "Best In The World" T-Shirt Watch Day 3: Counterfeits & more

As I've been talking about for the last couple days. the limited edition shirt worn by CM Punk before his last WWE match (for now?) at Money On The Bank in Chicago on Sunday has become a hot collectible on eBay since it was only sold in the building and sold out within minutes of the show going on the air. I've seen accounts of lines hundreds of people long vying for the shirt as well as one merchandise stand selling out of most sizes more than half an hour before the show started and selling out completely by showtime.

With nine shirts sold on eBay so far (five auctions and four "Best Offers"), the average selling price so far is an incredible $399.99 US. If you limit it to auctions, the average final bid is $489.99 US. The "Best Offers" sold at an average of $287.50 US. Three of those four went for $300 or more, but an early $125 transaction skews the average lower. The highest price so far was a $585 US final bid on a size Large shirt without tags. None of these prices include shipping, which has generally ranged from $5 to $8.

As one would expect with so many people wanting the shirt, counterfeits have sprung up on eBay to sell to fans who just want to wear the damn thing (they're all "Buy It Now" listings at reasonable prices). Presumably to save money (or to speed up the process because the seller doesn't have any), unlike the real deal, none are ringer tees or feature printing on both sides. Instead, the rear "CM PUNK * BEST IN THE WORLD * CHICAGO * 7x17x11" text has been reformatted onto one line below the front logo on one shirt (where the seller uses photos to make it clear that they have the silk screens and some shirts already made) or incomplete on two lines (where it's clear that the seller's photos are mock-ups). Both offer black shirts (with the black print inverted to white) as well. Another seller has offered a vaguely similar but incredibly ugly knockoff that's all bright red print.

There are several auctions ongoing for the genuine article right now, all with at least a couple days left, but if you want to get one of those, be prepared to pay a lot. Meanwhile, it's poll time for the big lingering question: Will WWE reissue these?

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