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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Spoiler-free Preview & Spoilers for 7/22/11

This week's edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown, the first since Money In The Bank, was taped at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Here's a non-spoilery preview:

  • A Randy Orton promo about his World Heavyweight Championship loss to Christian.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Christian vs Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson in a non-title match
  • Michael Cole interviewing Daniel Bryan about Money In The Bank
  • Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater
  • A Mark Henry interview about injuring Big Show.
  • Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
  • Randy Orton vs Kane in a street fight

The post-taping dark match was Christian vs Randy Orton.  It sounds like a pretty good show with a lot of good in-ring wrestling.

Full spoilers after the jump.

Show opens with a pretty generic Orton interrupted by Christian promo.  Orton wants a rematch, Christian says no, Orton jumps him, and General Manager Teddy Long comes out to announce...

1. Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson.  Christian won in about 12 minutes after sending Zeke headfirst over the turnbuckle into the ringpost and then hitting the Killswitch.  According to editor Wade Keller, "It didn't feel like World champ vs. IC champ and wasn't presented as anything special."

Michael Cole interviewed Daniel Bryan.  The back and forth you'd expect led to Bryan saying that Cole didn't deserve a major match at Wrestlemania, he had gone through a bunch of injuries over the last 12 years to earn the briefcase, and he won't blindside the champion.  Thus, Daniel Bryan announced his intention of cashing in by making his World Heavyweight Championship match this Spring at Wrestlemania 28.  Let's hope this goes better than the last time that they tried this.  This then segued into...

2. Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater.  Bryan won a long, reportedly good match with the LeBell Lock. "WOOOOOOWWWWWW!'

Josh Matthews interviewed Mark Henry and asked if he felt remorse for injuring Big Show.  I think you can guess his answer.  Knowing WWE, his promo may have started with him repeating the question by asking "Have remorse?" like EVERY WWE HEEL DOES ARGGGH.  Sorry.

3. Sheamus fought Wade Barrett to a double count-out.  Sheamus was sort of turned face in the post-match, which seems counter-productive right now when they're so low on good heels and he's so good.

4. Randy Orton defeated Kane in a street fight by countering a chokeslam into the RKO.  Reportedly another good match with a bunch of kickouts after they hit their finishers.  They shook hands after the match.  Yes, after a street fight.  Show ends with Henry beating down Kane for a long time and chasing the announcers away.

After the taping, Christian came out to cut a promo, Orton interrupted, and they had their dark match main event.  Christian finally got to successfully defend the World Heavyweight Championship by rolling up Orton for the pin while Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase distracted him.  Then Orton hit all three with RKOs and celebrated while Christian sold being knocked out to end the show.

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