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The Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker is Back! Gene Snitsky beware!



It's been a quiet couple of months for the Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker. I foolishly thought his heinous crime spree had ended. But, alas, this is not the case. He has apparently claimed another victim: former WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky. A few days ago Chavo Guerrero  wrote on his Twitter: "If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that." Snitsky, or rather, someone claiming to be Snitsky wrote:

"Well said chavo! Wtf is seriously scared of the fukn Miz? Ru kiddin me!"

"Heez a putz and i mean that."

More worrying, in response to criticism from fans over his remark, his twitter posted the following comments:

Love the haters on twitter!!!! I beat the miz in 30 secs and he could nvr hold my jockstrap! Im a div 1 athelete, former NFL player! F***. Do your research you fuckin no life pieces of shit!

"Get out of your mommys basement and stop jerkin off to gay porn u wanna beez!!!!! Rotflmao at these nerds!!!!"

Yikes. Insulting a current WWE performer? Rude, homophobic remarks? Berating fans? Is Gene really a horrible person and a P.R disaster? Thankfully, no. He then revealed that, like so many others in wrestling, his account had been hacked:

"Its come to my attention someone has hacked my acct!!! Some people just have way too much time on their hands! Ill b deleting this acct

Sorry if this acct has fallin into the wrong hands! Thanks to all my wonderful fans!!!!! Keep an eye out for new acct coming soon!

I personally have the utmost respect for mike and enjoyed workin w him! Im sure he will say the same! Sorry again for twitter hackers!"

He then duly deleted his account (as a victim of crime, Gene likely felt that going back on there would stir up too many painful memories). So has the hacker gotten away undetected again? Well, while he may be an evil genius, that answer is no.  Indeed, the hacker left one very important clue: his location. As one wrestling website reporter noted: "The hacker’s diatribe and Snitsky’s apology both originated from an iPhone in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania That’s where Snitsky lives." Amazing. Poor Gene likely has no clue he is in such close proximity to a criminal mastermind. 

Alas, there have also been some hints that the Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker has  crossed over into MMA and is terrorizing fighters now, as well: After a rather, er, interesting photo of Tito was posted on Tito Ortiz's official twitter last month, Tito admitted he too was a victim of hacking: "Someone hacked my f***ing phone. Oh well I can't do anything about it. They change my password so I can't get in it. Sorry! day goes on. Don't like don't look." 

I would like to end by urging anyone in the Owigsburg area to be on the look out for the Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker. We know the hacker is 1) from the area 2) Telepathic (Kurt Angle acknowledged the hacker was saying  how he secretly felt about WWE stars using his moves) 3) Incredibly violent (using Jeremy Borash's account to wish death upon someone's family) 4) May have worked for the News of the World at some point, based on his hacking expertise. Thus, we urge readers to be incredibly cautious if they encounter him. 

Admittedly, this information is not a great amount to go on, but we're in a better position that we were. Hopefully we can find this monster and put an end to his reign of terror. 

Contact or with any information you may have.

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