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Jeff Hardy's drug case to drag on into at least September

Jeff Hardy's still waiting for his legal problems to be sorted out for him.  (Photo by <a href="">KnightNephrite on Wikimedia Commons</a>)
Jeff Hardy's still waiting for his legal problems to be sorted out for him. (Photo by KnightNephrite on Wikimedia Commons) is reporting that Jeff Hardy's next scheduled court hearing regarding his arrest on September 11th 2009 for possession of controlled substances will be on September 8th 2011, though given how many times this case has already been delayed it may drag on even longer.  Hardy was actually expected to be sentenced late last month, but court scheduling conflicts scuppered that.  In April the case was delayed to give further time for Becky Carlson of Sentencing Services to do a chemical dependency evaluation and assess whether 28 day rehab would be an appropriate punishment.  Hardy was last seen trying to resuscitate his reputation on YouTube after his feckless brother Matt posted a video online of them playing drinking games together. 

This means that it's unlikely that Jeff Hardy will return to TNA for at least another couple more months.  He has been iced by the promotion ever since their March Victory Road PPV where Hardy became intoxicated during the show and consequently wasn't in fit shape to wrestle when it came time for him to perform leading to an embarrassing forcibly abbreviated match with Sting.  It looks like TNA won't use him now until he sorts out his legal problems first or voluntarily goes into rehab.  But given Matt Hardy's TNA suspension and his reaction to it, one wonders whether they even want to return to the promotion that for so long turned a complete blind eye to their respective problems.

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