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CM Punk "Best In The World" WWE T-Shirt Watch: Shirt tops $500 on eBay

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Yesterday I posted about how CM Punk's limited edition "Best In The World" T-shirts were hot on eBay, going for over $100. The shirt was only to those in attendance at the Money In The Bank PPV and sold out within 15 minutes of the show going on the air.  I ended the post with a prediction:

With the shirts being so limited and the legend of last night's incredible show sure to grow with time, this could end up being one of the most sought-after wrestling collectibles in recent memory.

Just a day later, that seems to be the case, as bids have gone through the roof.

  • One shirt (size large like the others linked yesterday) has 40 bids, ends a little under two hours from the time of this post, and is up to $510 (plus $5 shipping!).
  • Another (size XXL and listed as having the tags left on) has 10 bids, ends in just under six hours, and is up to $275 (plus $7.95 shipping).
  • One sized XL has 15 bids, ends in under twenty two hours, and is up to $250 (plus $6 shipping).
  • Another XL has 10 bids with sixty four hours to go and is up to $234.01 (plus $5 shipping)
  • Finally (for now), another L (new without tags) has one bid so far at the starting price of $300 with a $600 "Buy It Now" option available (plus $8 shipping.  Seriously??!?!)

I can't remember the last time I saw a piece of new wrestling merchandise (besides the most limited action figures) instantly get this hot.  I expect that JW may cover this at his excellent wrestling memorabilia blog, where he wrote up a nice post about CM Punk collectibles in general six days ago.

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