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WWE's Vince McMahon to Triple H transition: Not now, but sooner you think

Late last night on his subscribers-only Wrestling Observer Radio podcast with Bryan Alvarez on, Dave Meltzer clarified the vague post we relayed here (which I realized right before I went to sleep wasn't necessarily meant exactly how myself and others read it) about how much reality reflected last night's main event angle on Raw.  The show ended with the WWE board of directors removing Vince McMahon from power and replacing him with Triple H.

With regards to the ending segment, Meltzer said "That's just an angle I think."  He later credited Vince's emotion in the angle to his 66th birthday coming up soon on August 24th tied in with the process of the legitimate transition to Triple H being in progress.

He had talked to someone on Friday about how the real life transition is happening sooner rather than later.  Vince is no longer bouncing off the walls full of energy 24/7.  He's tiring much more easily on his three to four hours of sleep a day and now has a day every couple weeks where he completely crashes and sleeps all day.  Some time around Wrestlemania 28 next year was and is scheduled to be the time when Vince passes the torch to Triple H (well, Paul Levesque since we're talking about the real life corporate structure, but let's keep calling him Triple H for now) and his official takeover happens.  Vince is going to be around as long as he's alive and has his health, but Triple H will be in charge day to day.

As I mentioned last night, it had been known publicly that Triple H was being groomed and often taking over some of Vince's duties like producing the announcers.  This has made the announcers a lot happier since Vince always screams at them in their headsets.  The wrestlers, producers, et al have also felt that the TV tapings Triple H ran were much more relaxed and smooth running than the ones run by Vince.  Triple H has also taken over the developmental system among other new duties.  It looks like he's not going to see any negative consequences for the the recent disaster with his first talent development project: Sin Cara's drug test failure and possible firing.  That's not a surprise, but I've seen it come up on other sites.

With WWE thankfully not issuing a press release like they did when "Donald Trump bought Raw," the stock hasn't nosedived, only being down three cents at the moment.  Meanwhile, if "Mr. McMahon is dead" and the Trump angle weren't deemed SEC violations, then I doubt this angle will be, in spite of what CNBC's Darren Rovell thinks.

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