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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 7/18/11 Cena Fired, Punk "Retired"


There will be a lot of fall out from what happened last night. Last night, CM Punk won the WWE Championship. That usually wouldn't be big news, except for the fact the Punk's contract expired at midnight the same night. Because of this, Mr. McMahon fired John Cena. That leaves us with the new face of Raw, Alberto Del Rio. He won the Money in the Bank and is in line to be the next WWE Champion. But with the belt sitting on ice, he has no title to fight for. Tonight, the ramifications of these events will begin to unfold. Join me, by posting in the comment section tonight, as we watch it unfold.


Raw starts off with Vince McMahon coming down to the ring with John Larinitis. His announcement is that they will crown a new WWE Champion. An 8 man tournament will be held tonight to do just that. Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler, Swagger vs R Truth, Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston, and The Miz vs Alex Riley.


The Miz vs Alex Riley First Round WWE Championship Tournament Alex Riley is going after The Miz's leg early on. The Miz had his knee hurt last night in the Money in the Bank match and Riley is targeting it. There is some decent wrestling going on in this one, but Riley isn't ready. Winner : The Miz

Next, they show us a John Morrison video package to remind us who he is.

R-Truth vs Jack Swagger First Round WWE Championship Tournament I like that Truth comes down to no music. It's different and no one else does that in WWE. Jack is in full control of this match and I am a little surprised, but then again no I am not really. Then out of no where, R-truth counters an Ankle lock for a pin. Winner : R- Truth

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston First Round WWE Championship Tournament  Alberto Del Rio says he would have won the belt but Punk ran. And he feels Cena should be fired. Then out comes Ricardo Rodriguez I miss his announcing. I am thinking Kofi is gonna win this, He doesn't need it as Money in the Bank winner. Del Rio has been in control for most of the match, though Kofi has had his spots. There it is, Kofi reverses the cross arm breaker for the pin. Winner : Kofi Kingston

Kofi interviewed backstage, he feels tonight is his night. 1 down 2 to go.

Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler First Round WWE Championship Tournament This Match has been fast match and the action is good. Dolph is controlling the match but Rey always finds a way to make something happen. Dolph ducks the 619 and reverse body slams Rey. He only gets a two count. Soon after that, Rey hits 619 and get the pin. Winner : Rey Mysterio

Team Kelly Kelly vs Team Bella Seven on Seven Diva Match Things break down really quick. Beth gets the pin. Winner : Team Kelly Kelly

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz Second Round  WWE Championship Tournament The Miz is really favoring that leg.  I really don't see how the Miz can win this with his knee. Then Miz reverses a splash  and gets a two count.  He did it again, with the bad leg Skull Crushing Finale Winner : The Miz

R-Truth Interviewed backstage. He is still pumping his conspiracy theory.

Andy Leavine promo, I hope this kid can do something.

Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth Second Round WWE Championship Tournament It has been a decent match so far. it has been pretty even so it's hard to say who has momentum. Then, for the first time tonight, they go to commercial break during the match. I guess that's my pet peeve, especially during Championship Tournaments. Oh well. Truth is in control coming back from break. Here it goes! 6191 No, Truth Countered. This is a pretty good match, but both men are wearing down. There it is 619 and then the splash. Winner : Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz Finale Match Before the match begins, Vince comes to the ring and stops the match. He says that there is not enough time for the match because he has something important to do.  the Match will happen next week. First, he wants to thank John for what he has done for WWE. At the same time, he has something to do. Then he calls Cena down. Cena takes the Mic from Vince and says he didn't want to be like Shawn Michaels. He didn't want to screw CM Punk so he didn't let Vince pull another Screw Job. Then Cena sells that if he is fired he might go somewhere else. (Did he hint TNA?) As Vince is about to fire Cena out comes Triple H in a suit. He is coming from a board of directors meeting. The Board is concerned about the situation. Triple H wants to talk to Vince in the back but Vince says no. The board has filed an Injunction on you with a vote of no confidence. The Family agrees and now someone new has been appointed to run WWE. Triple H is now in charge of WWE. Vince is crying and he looks sad. Vince has been fired. Triple H leaves and Vince is alone in the ring. The crowd chants "Thank you Vince" as Raw goes off the air.

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