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Photos of CM Punk & co. celebrating WWE Championship win in Chicago

Chillywillymikeditka-small_medium has posted a photo gallery of CM Punk & his friends celebrating his WWE Championship win last night on the streets of Chicago.  The gallery includes, among other shots:

  • Punk (in a Steel Domain Wrestling shirt!), Colt Cabana, and Ace Steel posing with the belt placed on the body of a cartoon character Chilly Willy on a mural in Wicker Park that also features Mike Ditka.  I want that mural painted on the wall of my bedroom.
  • Punk and Cabana with some women who I believe are Punk's sisters.
  • Cabana posing with the belt as Steel looks on in horror.
  • Punk and Ace showing the belt off to a taxi cab driver.

It looks like they all had a grand old time.  Go to TMZ and check it out.  And then, after the last photo, it sends you over to a Casey Anthony gallery.  Yay!  Wait...

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