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WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Liveblog and Full Results


Join us here at Cageside Seats for the WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Liveblog, where we'll have full results and live play by play coverage of the event as it takes place tonight on PPV beginning at 8 pm EST.  As the name of the event indicates, the annual Money in the Bank ladder matches will be featured, but the main event match up between CM Punk and John Cena has truly stolen the show.  CM Punk is challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship, and if Punk leaves Chicago with the belt, Cena is fired.  Tonight, Punk's contract expires, and is supposed to be leaving as a free agent.  Whether he stays, goes, or returns remains to be seen, but it will truly be interesting to see where this angle is going as the night comes to a close.  The full card for the event is as follows:

 John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship

Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (DQ rule waived)

Raw MITB: Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger

Smackdown MITB: Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater vs. Kane vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Brie Bella for the WWE Divas Championship

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

After the jump, our coverage of the event begins!  Join us in the comment section, or follow us on twitter @cagesideseats for live updates!

We're ten minutes away from the PPV, hope you guys are as excited for this event as I am! 

We're live now, and the intro promo is incredibly slick, with a clock ticking, Punk saying when the clock strikes midnight, he's gone with the title.  Goosebumps.  I hope this isn't a let down!!!

Smackdown Money in the Bank Match:

About ten minutes into the match and there have been a ton of dives over the top, cross bodies from the top by Sin Cara, and plenty of fun spots for everyone.  No one has made a solid attempt for the case yet, but the crowd is eating this up.  Sheamus just put Sin Cara through a ladder via powerbomb.  Nasty!

Sin Cara gets carted off, ladder mid ring begins seeing some action.  After a faux Corre reunion is scratched by Gabriel and Slater pouncing on Barrett, Rhodes makes his way towards the top, but Sheamus stops him.  Sheamus heads up as well, but is stopped by Daniel Bryan.  Bryan gets taken out in a Legion of Doom-esque top rope clothes line from cane while on top of Sheamus' shoulders.  Kane deals with Sheamus, and heads up, Bryan stops him, and goes for a cross body only to be slammed.  Kane out of the picture.  Slater climbs and Bryan for the save again!  Neckbreaker from the ladder to Bryan, who should very well be out now.  Barrett back in to stop Slater.

Another ladder is introduced and used to fling Slater on to Kane, Sheamus starts cleaning house, starts arranging ladders in the corners to inflict damage.  He drops Gabriel face first on a ladder, he begins the climb to the top, nearly gets the case, but Kane makes the save, they fight at the top of the ladder, Kane drops, then attempts to fight from the side of the ladder.  Kane choke slams Sheamus into a prone ladder!  Sheamus out of the ring, Kane making the climb now,  Rhodes, Barrett, and Bryan make the save.

Barrett climbing now, save by Rhodes.  Bryan climbs, but Rhodes following on the same side.  Barrett comes up from behind and goes for the case!  Bryan kicks Rhodes off the ladder, and avoids been taken out by Barrett.  Bryan sends Barrett to the floor with a headkick!!!  Bryan takes the case!!!  The underdog wins!  Great match!!!  Daniel Bryan wins the Smackdown Money in the Bank.

After the crowd goes nuts and Bryan celebrates, we see Vince McMahon arriving earlier in the day with and attorney, they say that McMahon and Punk are working on contract negotiations right now.  I'm sold on the idea that Punk has re-signed with the WWE.

Kelly Kelly (c)  vs. Brie Bella for the WWE Divas Championship:

In the first 30 seconds of this, I've heard and read at least 10 "bathroom break" jokes.  It's this, or bra and panties matches WWE...I'll take the latter.  

Back and forth for a few minutes, highlight being King dropping the "She's a screamer!" line...I missed the day of "Puppies!!!"  This match isn't so bad, I've certainly seen worse.  Near fall for Brie after attacking Kelly Kelly's knee...really?  Kelly Kelly scores, and then gets a clean pin.  Not sure why this was so clean cut when Kelly Kelly had Eve there to help as well.  Strange.  Kelly Kelly def. Brie Bella, retaining the WWE Divas Championship.

On to BIGGER matches, meaning, Big Show and Mark Henry.  If worked correctly, this should be a great addition to the card, Henry has been good in the past few weeks.  

Mark Henry vs. Big Show:

The two quickly wind up at ringside, with the Spanish announce table nearly coming into play (as it should when men this large fight).  After taking an awkward dive over the stairs, Henry dropkicks (yes) the stairs into Show's knee, and Show heads into the ring.  Henry hits Show with a chop block, targeting the formerly injured knee of the Big Show.  Henry starts working on the knee with a submission, Show gets to the ropes.

Show hits a shoulder tackle off the middle ropes, landing on his knee.  He gets to his feet and teases the choke slam.  Henry fights it off, and slams the HELL out of Big Show.  Near fall for Henry, then lands ANOTHER World's Strongest Slam.  Two drops while running off the ropes, and a pin sees Henry get the three count.  Henry isn't finished though,  He grabs a chair from ringside, and heads into the ring.  Henry stuffs Show's leg into the chair, ready to attack the knee, he climbs the ropes and belly drops (flops?) on to the chair!  Show screams in pain, and Henry yells at ringside.  That looks like a proper heel victory to me.  Here comes the stretcher for Big Show, they get hung up on the ramp.  Hehe.  Oh look at this!  One of the little cart vehicles used to take football players off the field!  Big time!  Alright...enough.  Mark Henry def. Big Show

Interview with McMahon, Vince says he didn't sign CM Punk.  Says CM Punk is the biggest ingrate he's ever dealt with,  and that Punk pointed at the door and told him to get out.  Vince blames Cena for this.  Then says if Punk leaves the building with the title, God have mercy on Cena.  Screwjob coming?

Raw Money in the Bank Match:

Every participant has brought a ladder into the ring.  They start going at it.  Sloppy, yet satisfying.  Hah!  Nearly everyone throws their ladder on top of Del Rio, who got thrown from the ring.  The Miz and R-Truth duel with the baby ladders in the cage, and are taken out by Swagger, who comes in with a medium sized ladder.  He holds the ladder as Kofi and Bourne climb it and scrap.  They fight for the ladder after it falls, Mysterio jumps off the ladder and hurricanranas Swagger and himself out of the ring.  Wild match so far.

R-Truth goes flying over the top rope with a front flip!  Wow!  Evan Bourne hits an amazing backflip into the pack of them all from the top of ladder outside of the ring.  Del Rio is missing in action...Bourne in the center of the ring, ladder, up, he goes for the case, Miz going for it as well, Bourne fights him off, the ladder falls, Miz jacked his knee up, why do I feel like he's getting stretchered out of here?  Officials tending to Miz, Miz actually did take what looked like a nasty bump.  Del Rio shows up, climbs the ladder, but R-Truth knocks him down.  R-Truth climbing, Del Rio as well.  Miz is carried off.  Rey climbs over Del Rio, Bourne does the same to Truth.  They go for the case, fight off Del Rio and Truth, and both go for hurricanranas at the same time sending both men out of the ring!  Nice!  Kofi leaps to the top of the ladder, Swagger snatches up an ankle lock and drags Kofi down.  Riley makes the climb now, Swagger climbs up to stop him.  Truth topples the ladder, and both men roll from the ring. 

Truth and Rey fighting while Rey is pinned in the corner by the ladder.  Ladder falls, Rey puts it back up to pin himself to set up Kofi's next spot.  He takes out Rey, jumps from the ladder on to Truth.  Kofi trying to set up the ladder, takes out Del Rio and Riley.  Rey hits the 619 on Kofi through the ladder!   Truth going for a ladder, eats a 619 as well!  Rey setting up another ladder, and makes the climb.  Riley on the other side.  Bourne uses the other ladder to climb up as well!  Bourne is take out by Riley, Mysterio trying for the case, but Riley still there.  Bourne and Del Rio set up ladders at the side of the middle ladder!  Riley, Rey, and Bourne going for the ladder, Del Rio taken out by Swagger.  Each participant gets up on the ladders!  Del Rio gets thrown from the ladder, face first into a ladder in the corner.  Evan Bourne's ladder falls, and lands outside of the ring.  Riley gets thrown, Truth, Kofi, and Rey going at it.  Truth gets thrown.  Kofi kicks Rey off the ladder, Kofi going for it, Swagger makes the save!!!  They fight for the case, but both fall!  Swager to a killer bump there.  One legged Miz comes running to the ring!!!  He climbs and goes for the case!!!  Rey makes the save!  They both fall from the ladder, and Rey begins the climb once again.  This is great!

Del Rio and Rey fighting for the case now, Mysterio gets knocked down to another ladder, the ladder wobbles and knocks Del Rio down!  Del Rio rips off Rey's mask!!!  Del Rio climbs, and takes the case!  A bit of a botched finish, but satisfying, none the less.  The rest of the night should be quite interesting...Alberto Del Rio wins Raw Money in the Bank

Del Rio gets interviewed, talks about how he shouldn't have been in Money in the Bank anyways, and now I'm certain he'll be cashing in tonight.  I hope this show doesn't turn predictable, not after Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown MITB.  I'll give them a pass on Del Rio winning, because Evan Bourne got a ton of love in the Raw MITB.  

Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Immediately, Christian brings in a chair, offering to let Orton take him out, Orton throws the chair out of the ring, and they begin with Christian opening up with a massive smack.  Orton begins to unload, and he's doing a good job of come across as even more aggressive and angry than usual.  The crowd is behind Orton big time.  First cover of the match for Christian, but Orton's not close to finished.

Back and forth affair, as usual for these two.  Orton looks for his RKO finish while backing out of the corner after Christian misses a top rop attack, but Christian defends, seeing it coming.  Christian goes for a cross body and goes face first into a drop kick from Orton, Christian heading to the top rope again, Orton stops him, goes up with him, and looks for a superplex,  Christian throws him off the top, and lands a flying headbutt from the top.  Near fall for Christian.

Here come the near misses with the finishes, a series of these leads to Christian landing his, and a VERY near fall for Christian.  Christian is upset, he backs into the corner and starts to call for the spear.  Orton avoids it, Christian goes right into the post!  Orton with his yet to be named slam, but can't get the three count.  Orton starts to snap, he's taking it to Christian now.  Orton pounding the mat, Christian stands, and cowers away from the RKO, Christian smacks him,  Orton with some ground and pound from side control...I mean...pounding  away on Christian, the ref is counting!  He backs away, Christian stands, and Orton punts him right in the jewels!!!  The ref rings the bell, and Christian wins by DQ!!!  Christian is the new champ, but Orton is in a rage, he takes out Christian, and hits him with a monitor!  They're on the announce table.  Teddy Long is trying to talk down Orton, but it's no use,  this is the most angry I've seen Orton get.  Orton stands Christian up, and hits him with the RKO!  The table doesn't break, but that makes it look significantly more painful.  Apparently these tables have been upgraded to oak.  Christian def. Randy Orton via DQ and becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Orton's not done!  He goes back an lands the RKO on the table again, Christian is out.  Orton looks disgusted as he goes backstage.  Christian in a daze at ringside.  Looks like what set Orton off was that Christian spit right into his mouth.  Also, on the second RKO Orton stuck his tongue out and looked like a wild man, that was a great touch. 

John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship:

The crowd is absolutely WILD for CM Punk.  He's wearing a brand new shirt "CM Punk" on the front, "Best in the World" with today's date on the back.  After his entrance, he sits in the ring, the crowd starts to calm, he stands and drives them wild again, the crowd is chanting CM Punk while Cena is ready to enter.  Punk looks so into this moment.  Cena's music hits, and the loudest boos I've heard for a face EVER ring out in the arena.  No running to the ring for Mr. Cena tonight.  Punk paces outside of the ring.

The announce team has been doing their typical Cena banter and it just doesn't work with this Chicago crowd.  He's not the future.  Not tonight.  They begin to wrestle, and both men looking good.  Punk throws a wild head kick, Cena ducks it.  The crowd chants for Punk says "Me?  No, you're supposed to be for him!"  They don't give a damn, Punk is legend tonight.  Cena working for an armbar, nice to see him really wrestle rather than get tore up to come back.  Punk applauds Cena after being knocked down.

Punk drives Cena to the mat with his shoulder after hitting the ropes, he does the "You can't see me" to Cena, crowd goes nuts.  Cena's face when the crowd chants "CM Punk" is classic.  Leg kicks by Punk, followed by a big elbow.  Punk thrown to the corner, Cena hits the running bulldog.  A 0 count pin for Cena, Punk fights off a headlock, only to get clotheslined.  Almost looked like his lip ring got torn out, but it's there.  Cena working a choke with one of Punk's arms trapped.  Punk gets to his feet, lands a backdrop.  Two count for Punk.  I get a kick out of how the "Let's go Cena" part of the chant is sooooo high pitched.  Awesome.  Punk gets driven into the corner, Cena follows with a big suplex.

Punk working a head scissor that actually looks like a triangle with no arm, Cena stands with him on his shoulders, but gets thrown from the ring.  Punk follows.  Punk throws Cena into the ring, with his head hanging from the apron.  Punk climbs the turn buckle and drops a knee on the back of Cena's head.  Punk gets him back in the ring, gets a near fall.  Knee to the body by Punk.  Punk with the spear into the corner, Cena avoids, Punk draped over the ropes.

After more back and forth, Cena lands a suplex from the apron, taking Punk to the floor.  Rather than leaving Punk to be counted out, Cena throws him into the ring, and goes for the cover.  Kick out for Punk, Cena lifts him and goes for the suplex, landing big.  Elbow drop from Cena.  Cena is wrestling like this is a big match, I've been a critic, but he's going for it tonight.  Big slam for Cena!!!  Punk kicks out, Cena is shocked, Cena questions the ref.  Cena to his feet, Punk follows.  Cena with punches, Punk answers, they trade kicks, Punk unloads with some punches!  Cena sends Punk to the ropes, and gets him in the abdominal stretch.  Punk fighting it, and does the old school "come back" then goes for the eye rake.  Punk escapes, and a double clothesline sends both men to the mat.  Ref with the double count out, both men standing, Punk up first.  Shoulder tackles for Cena, back drop turns into a small package for Punk.  Cena kicks out, and Cena turns it on, the crowd loves it.  Kick to the head by Punk from the mat, then he pushes Cena out of the ring.  Punk dives from the ring into Cena, and these two are putting on a classic.

Center ring, Punk gets hit with the five knuckle shuffle, Cena goes for the attitude adjustment, but Punk escapes!  Punk levels Cena, but Cena battles back, big slam for Cena leads to a near fall.  Punk throws Cena to the ropes and lands TWO flying knees to the chin.  Cena is hurt, Punk lands a flying clothesline from the top, but can't get the three count.  Punk lands some kicks to the chest of Cena as he goes to stand.  Punk misses a big kick, Cena catches the leg and locks in the submission!  Punk barely gets to the ropes!!!  Fans going wild now!  Punk lands a massive kick to the head!  Cena kicks out!  This is a wild one, that is for sure.  Punk looks like he's digging deep here, and climbs to the top rope!  Cena standing.  Punk goes for a cross body, Cena reverses it to the standing position, going for the AA!  Punk reverses going for the Go to Sleep!!!  Cena escapes and grabs the leg and goes for a submission, my god!  Punk nearly gets to the ropes and Cena drags him away, but PUNK REVERSES!!!!  Cena manages to stand, and HE HITS THE AA!!!  He covers Punk, and PUNK KICKS THE HELL OUT!  THE CROWD IS WILD!!!!

Cena to the top rope, he dives, but Punk turns it into a power bomb!  Cena kicks out!  Punk calls for the Go to Sleep, Punk looks beaten up, but he's going for it.  Cena gets to the ropes, and counters.  He climbs to the top, leg drop across the back of the head!  Punk kicks out and I am on the edge of my SEAT!   Cena continues to lay it on, Punk kicks out after a very near fall, Punk is exhausted!  Cena bring Punk to the corner, he takes him to the top rope, Cena looking for...the AA from the top!  Punk brings down elbows and fights him off!  Punk now going for a huricanrana from the top!  Cena flies across the ring, both men up.  Punk lands the flying knee!!!  Punk hits the Go to Sleep, but hits Cena in the ribs and sends him out of the ring.  Punk now has to get him into the ring!

Vince McMahon coming out now!  Vince tries to get the bell rung as Cena looks to submit Punk!  Cena clocks the man running to ring the bell!  Cena gets back in, but gets hit with the Go to Sleep, and PUNK WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  Vince screwed Vince!  Punk looks like a kid in a candy store!!!  The crowd is losing their minds for this!  Fans are throwing up the straightedge society X to Vince!  Vince looks heartbroken!

Vince calls for Del Rio to come cash in, Punk blasts Del Rio as he enters, and Punk looks like a mad man!  Punk escapes into the crowd!  Yes!!!  Yes!  YES DAMMIT!  The crowd is going WILD!  Punk is in the crowd throwing up the belt and the PPV ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CM Punk def. John Cena to become the WWE Champion

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