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Pick the Winner : John Cena vs CM Punk



When CM Punk gave his now famous promo 3 weeks ago, wrestling fans noticed. There aren't many other wrestlers working in WWE now that could pull it off, but he did. This is the Main Event tonight. This is the match that most who are watching want to see. Can CM Punk pull it off? Can he win the WWE Title and leave with it? Will he retire that ugly belt? If this is indeed Punk's last PPV for a while in WWE I will be sad. I only wish they used him better during his time. Too bad they realized how good he is as he is leaving. The other big stipulation in this match is if CM Punk wins the belt and leaves with the belt Cena will be fired. I don't see that happening since he has a Wrestlemania match with The Rock. Well enter your vote here. In the comment section, tell us if you think Cena will get fired or make your predictions to the outcome of the main event.

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