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My podcast/interview/whatever with WWE's CM Punk from Thanksgiving '08

A few years ago on my lamentably infrequent "Loser Leaves Town" podcast, CM Punk did me a solid by doing a show with me and Rob Naylor (now co-host of co-host of Good Will Wrestling with GoodHelmet and an announcer for Dragon Gate USA and CZW).  To keep things from getting too...precarious, we largely stuck to old indy stories, though a bunch of WWE stuff was still thrown in.  We had a blast and it's well worth listening to, especially with everything going on this weekend and the memories/emotions in brings up.

Here's the original writeup I did at the time:

Rob Naylor co-hosts a Thanksgiving weekend spectacular where we interview one of of the World Tag Team Champions, former World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk! A great show (with them carrying me at times) where Punk discusses his past as an independent wrestler, his matches with John Morrison, burying the hatchet with Teddy Hart, having a bunch of merchandise, and much more, including a hilarious Tony Garea story that includes a fine vocal impersonation. Plus, Punk hands the phone to his good friend François Kevorkian (who may or may not be the same one who mixed for Depeche Mode) for a fascinating and enlightening discussion. Almost 80 minutes of the most (self?-)important Loser Leaves Town Podcast EVER!

Other subjects covered include:

  • Punk's now famous WWE TV debut at the Hammerstein Ballroom.
  • Being the first person to take John Morrison's Starship Pain.
  • Me coming way too close to ruining the guest appearance by "François Kevorkian" because I'm too amused to say anything clever.
  • Lots of fun indy stories.
  • Jealous critics.
  • Much, much more.

You can check out the original post of the show (including a web-based Flash player) or you can just directly open or download the MP3 file here.

An interesting look at the past and hopefully something we can revisit soon.

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