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The Rock teases a Survivor Series confrontation with John Cena

Ten days ago, in a situation that may not have been entirely spontaneous, John Cena responded to a handful of heckling fans who were chanting for The Rock at the end of a house show in Perth, Australia, by dissing Rock for not appearing on the overseas tour after saying that he would never leave WWE ever again and for being an actor not a professional wrestler.  Unsurprisingly The Rock has replied in kind with another one of his fabulous, well thought out, taped promos where he told Cena that male fans booed him because he was a phony.  What was surprising was that at the end of this video Rock claimed that Cena had pissed him off so much that he was going to kick his ass before WrestleMania in the city where it all started for him.  The Rock made his promising WWF debut at the 1996 Survivor Series in New York's Madison Square Garden as Rocky Maivia before fans quickly turned on his big undefeated push as an always smiling, goody two shoes, blue chip athlete and third generation babyface wrestler.  Ironically, this year's Survivor Series PPV is also set for MSG, which means that The Rock's next appearance will likely be on this show.  It will be interesting to see how they'll push this confrontation as being different to the one at WrestleMania 27, because the current build is very similar, perhaps a bit too similar.  After the jump you can watch YouTube videos of the "shoot" promos by Cena and Rock, respectively.


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