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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 7/11/11 What Happens with CM Punk?


via By Henkseli 

CM Punk is the man. There is no other explanation to explain how one man can cut a promo and make the whole Pro Wrestling World take notice. Two weeks ago, Punk has his moment. Moments like that are only dreamed about usually. He had an opportunity and he made it his. Tonight is the first live Raw since then. This will be our first chance to see how this will begin to pay off. One thing we know for sure, (or I think we know) is CM Punk will be leaving next Monday. I am pretty sure it won't be with the WWE belt though. Other than CM Punk and Cena, I am interested in how Zack Ryder will be shown on TV this week. He was the clear number two vote getter last week in our poll, so I hope they keep it up and give him some love. Another thing I am very intrigued by is Mark Henry vs The Big Show. I have really enjoyed Henry as of late and I hope this keeps going. It feels good to see a different monster get a push and make some noise. All in all I expect another good Raw tonight. Join in the comment section as usually. This is the go home show before Money in the Bank. I expect something exciting to happen to prepare us for when CM Punk is no longer here.

CM Punk comes down to the ring with a megaphone. I guess in case his mic gets cut again. They cut the Raw into also, so that is different. He got in trouble because he has the balls to say what needs to be said. The WWE is filled with kiss up's. Vince now sees Punk as the hottest thing in WWE today. He has made the WWE socially relevant again. Now that Punk is about to leave, Vince wants him to stay. If Vince had paid attention to him years ago this wouldn't be happening. Tonight CM Punk and Vince might have a negotiation about his contract. Now out comes Cena. Crowd is anti Cena. Punk is right about the WWE belt being ugly. Cena is taking offense to Punk thinking he will just win the on Sunday. He is planning to kick CM Punks tail on Sunday. The GM chimes in and says Cena will fight next in a very special match.

The match has been named a handicapped match against the tag team champions.

John Cena vs David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty Handicap match David and Cena get the match started and the announcers are very confused as to why the GM would make such a match. Especially when Cena is the only chance for WWE to keep the WWE belt. Just like usual, they go to break just as the match is starting to warm up. Coming back from break Cena is not in control of this match. Mike and David are teaming up against Cena well. Not that we haven't seen this before. Oh no hear comes the dreaded shoulder block. I wish someone would hit Cena with a Shoulder Block. I wonder is he would no sell. Mike gets a two count on Cena and the match continues. The announcers are really selling that they are worried about Cena losing the belt and CM Punk taking it away from WWE. Cena had Mike in the STFU (I hate that move) but David comes in with the save. But that was to no avail. As many of you knew, Cena won anyway and he was relatively unharmed by the WWE Tag Team Champions. Winner : John Cena

Rant I remember when being the WWE Tag Champion meant something. Not anymore sad to say. Do you think this would have happened to the Hart Foundation, or LOD, or Demolition. No it would not. The grown men, Champions none the less, are no match for one man. had to get that off my chest.

Now they are showing another music video clip of Mark Henry. That guy has been on fire and I am loving it. "It I charge you for air, You better keep your bill paid." lol great.

Vickie and Dolph are practicing for Dolph having a talk with  Vince. Drew even comes and and joins in the jokes. In comes Vince and I think he heard something. He sets up a match with Dolph and Drew  to face the Big Show. Vince then tells the world to go to hell.

Kelly Kelly is next. She is hot I can't lie.

Melina vs Kelly Kelly With the Bella Twins at commentary Kelly isn't the best worker but she hit a few moves and gets the win. Winner : Kelly Kelly The Bella's come in the ring and are picking on Kelly Kelly. Saying she need to eat. Kelly tries to fight them off and gets destroyed. Eve comes in for the save, but is destroyed as well. The Bella's must be super dominant.

Out comes The Miz. He has been struggling the last few weeks. Lets see what he has to say. He feels like Money in the Bank is his time. He has done it before. He is the future and is then interrupted my Swagger. Swagger has also won the Money in the Bank and he thinks he can do it again. Now out comes Evan Bourne, and then Kofi. Now here comes R-Truth. The conspiracy is that everyone is talking about CM Punk, but two weeks ago he beat Cena and should be the Number one contender. Riley comes running out and chases The Miz around. Now here comes Alberto Del Rio.  He says Cena is afraid of Alberto Del Rio.  Now the Raw GM chimes in, Miz, Swagger, and Truth will face Kofi, Riley, and Bourne next.

I like Burn Notice, The Big Show will be on it Thursday.

The Miz, Jack Swagger, and R-Truth vs Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, and Evan Bourne This has been a good match so far. I like Evan Bourne and what he can do. But as usual, they go to break as the action is picking up. Riley gets the win and has been on a roll lately. Winner : Kofi, Alex, and Evan. After the match Del Rio comes down and clears the ring with a ladder. Del Rio is my pick to be the Man come Sunday.

The WWE belt is fugly, I hope it changes soon. They just showed a recap of the Cena fallout from last week

Dolph and Drew vs the Big Show No way show doesn't win this match. Handicap matches are usually won by the one that is out numbered. Shaw and Drew get counted out and Show is still beating him up. Dolph is hiding. Where is Mark Henry. Here he is. As Show was about to choke slam Drew off the stage Henry comes in for the save. Both Henry and Show are down and hurt from their fall.

Nice video package showing past Money in the Bank  matches.

Vince comes out and plays with the crowd. Cole tries to get a handshake and McMahon walks away. First, Vince says he will never join anyone's "Kiss my Ass Club". Now he tells CM Punk to get out there. Punk mocks Vince's walk on his way to the ring and things are about to start. Punk says that Vince clearly has no faith in John Cena. Vince says that isn't it. Vince calls Punk Phil. CM Punk had a contract of his own made up. He is toying with  Vince and demanding that Vince shows him respect. His provision. 1.He wants his own Jet. 2. He want his face on everything. 3. Bring back the WWE Ice Cream Bars ( I did like those). 4. He want a movie. 5. He wants the main event at Wrestlemania. and 6. He wants an apology. CM Punk is the voice of the Voiceless. I like that. Vince does some simple terrible apology. The crowd is Colt Cabana and then out comes Cena. lots of Boos for Cena more than before. Cena is letting his Boston accent out a lot right now. Is it because he is there. CM Punk made that segment. Awesome.

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