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UFC's Anthony "Showtime" Pettis is up for an ESPY: GO VOTE!

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For years, MMA has struggled for a presence inside the mainstream of sports and sports media. If you go to, you'll notice the MMA is listed under "Other Sports". To the mainstream sports media, MMA is just a fringe sport that doesn't deserve the same level of coverage. 

Dana White and the UFC have done much to further the gospel of mixed martial arts, and to help the sport get the coverage it truly deserves. Now, there is a new opportunity for fans of the sport itself to step up the plate (err...into the cage?).

Every year, ESPN holds its annual award show, the ESPY's, to celebrate the best plays, players, teams and moments of the year. This year, MMA has a representative in the mix. 

As many of you remember, Anthony Pettis pulled off the "Kick Heard Round the World" during a WEC match-up against fellow WEC LW fighter Ben Henderson. In case you forgot, or never saw the kick in the first place, here it is:


The "superkick" is up for the ESPY for "Play of the Year". It is currently matched up against Oklahoma St. Football's tag team interception against rival Oklahoma. 

In order for Pettis to move on, fans must vote for the play. If he does, indeed, move on, fans will need to continue to vote the play all the way through the bracket finals.

It really doesn't matter if you love or even like Anthony Pettis. If you love MMA and want to see it get the love it deserves, go and vote now. Here's the link:!/voting/

Also, you can go to the "Upset of the Year" category and vote for Werdum's upset of Fedor. You can also vote for either Jon 'Bones' Jones or GSP for "Fighter of the Year".

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