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TNA's Jeff Hardy resurfaces on YouTube to resuscitate his reputation

"That's another fine YouTube mess I've got you in" - Matt to brother Jeff.  (Wikimedia Commons)
"That's another fine YouTube mess I've got you in" - Matt to brother Jeff. (Wikimedia Commons)

Jeff Hardy has been laying low ever since TNA sent him home after their Victory Road PPV in March where he showed up for his match in no condition to perform.  However, he has finally resurfaced on his brother Matt's YouTube channel this week, in what seems like a transparent attempt to resuscitate his reputation and also shill the latest season of their subscriber only online reality show built around both Hardys training Matt's girlfriend Reby Sky to become a wrestler.  As per usual, Matt has been completely incompetent as a spin doctor for his brother and will have only managed to improve his brother's rep with the most gullible of marks.

Indeed, Matt had to quickly pull down a YouTube video of he and his brother playing a drinking game entitled "Win The Shot, Call The Spot" due to all the negative feedback they were receiving.  The video was replaced with a new one, which can be seen after the jump, explaining why the original video was taken down and complaining about how terrible it is that people can be so judgmental.  Just mind boggling stupidity, given that Jeff Hardy's drug case is still ongoing and his punishment may involve having to go to rehab for 28 days - a punishment he clearly wishes to avoid.  If we really believe Kurt Angle and the Hardys that Jeff's been clean since the Victory Road incident or shortly thereafter, then one ill conceived reality show skit undid all the good work.  As recovering drug addicts Shawn Michaels, the late Eddy Guerrero and William Regal would tell you, drug addiction is a daily battle, one that you can never fully overcome.  You wouldn't see those guys risking their recovery by "cutting loose and having a little fun" by playing drinking games, because they know the likely consequences of such a risk.

Simply put, the Hardys messed up big time and they even realised it, which might explain their next video (also posted after the jump) entitled "Jeff & Matt Hardy Issue A Statement To The Press".  Jeff explains what he's been doing since leaving TNA, he's put his creative focus into producing a psychedelic episode of The Hardy Show entitled "Created By Life" (a preview of which is also included after the jump), redesigned his motocross track, hanging with friends and watering his Dad's garden.  Such simple drug free pleasures are what he likes doing in life, not "Win The Shot, Call The Spot".  Matt even claimed that Jeff was a "reborn reincarnated person" and that he was "calling a truce on all the dirt sheets".  Just like Jeff will kick his drug problems, Matt will kick his obsession with what the wrestling journalists write about him, I suppose.  Let's just say the manner they're going about dealing with their respective problems makes me sceptical that they'll succeed, but I wish them the best of luck. 



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