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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 6/6/11


via By Shamsuddin Muhammad

Tonight, if R-Truth wants to receive his title shot, he will have to apologize to John Cena. Will Truth comply or is this another example of him being held back in the WWE? Also this week, I look for The Miz to get back at Alex Riley. Riley has gotten the best of him the last two week, in what I feel is the most intriguing thing going right now. Now that Kharma is gone, what happens to the Diva divisions next? Also CM Punk and New Nexus look to continue to gain momentum. I am also curious to see what happens with Alberto Del Rio next. He has taken The Big Show out, will Kane come for revenge? Join me tonight and discuss. Don't forget Tough Enough tonight will name the winner so tune in and watch at that before Raw, tonight!

Raw starts off tonight, with Austin, McMahon, Luke, and Andy. After Vince tried to name the winner, Austin named Big Andy the winner. Vince slaps him and then he gets a stunner just for good luck.

As Vince and McMahon are celebrating in the ring R-Truth comes down to the ring in an old confederate army outfit. Vince rolls the film from last week why Truth has to apologize. Truth apologizes to Big Jimmy, Little Jimmy, and the soda he spilled. R-Truth is splitting the WWE, he still wants his title shot. Out comes the Miz now, really. He says if not for Alex Riley he would still be the champ. Even though he has been attacked by Riley he is still the most must see Champion in WWE history. He want a title shot. Now out comes Alex Riley. Following him is John Cena. Looks like Miz and Riley will fight to be number one contender at the next PPV. Cena tells Miz he wont get a rematch. He tells Riley he doesn't trust him but he has been earning respect. Then he tells R-Truth he thinks he is smart. he has his rematch and should be happy. The GM chimes in and as Cole goes to read it, Vince tell him to shut the hell up. Vince makes it The Miz and R-Truth vs Alex Riley and John Cena with Stone Cold Steve Austin as Guest Referee.

Santino Marella vs Michael McGillicutty This match has started off slow. Kozlov and David Otunga are both ringside. Mike misses his neck breaker and gets hit with the Cobra. Winner: Santino


Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix vs The Bella Twins Before the match, the show the Bella's picking on my girl Kharma. I hope tonight, Lawler doesn't pick on Vickie after taking up for Kharma so much. Bella's are in control early on. The Bella's are tagging well and Kelly is getting worn down. Beth gets the tag and she is on fire. Glam Slam and Beth Phoenix gets the pin. Winner: Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix

Booker T and Trish Stratus backstage. Booker is teaching Trish to Spin-er-oo-ni. In comes Jack Swagger. Swagger challenges Booker to a match. Booker accepts. Can you did it, Sucka!

CM Punk and Mason Ryan come out. Punk says he has beaten Ray time and time again. New Nexus has been on a roll and Punk intends to keep it going. Rey cried and got a rematch, so Punk will beat him again.

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio I don't remember them cutting to a break in any of the matches so far. Lets hope the keep it up.Punk is playing mind games with Rey early on. I like what these gus are doing here so far. Nice technical match here and pace is building nicely. I feel the Punk is one of the best workers in WWE now. Every time Rey tries to turn things around he has an answer. Punk gets a 2 count again. Rey may have a chance to turn things around here, as has sped the match up. Punk keeps countering though and CM Punk has exposed his knee maybe for GTS. In a Fury at the end Ray wins with a splash. Winner: Rey Mysterio

Now another Presidential Press Conference. R- Truth is asking him questions this time.

Alex Riley and John Cena are in the back talking. They are not on the same page at this point.

Out comes Alberto Del Rio. I didn't hear Ricardo though. Alberto is upset about the slander he has been hearing. He didn't hit The Big Show on purpose it was an accident. the show the clip from 2 weeks ago to prove it was an accident. He want Show to come out now so he can apologize. The Big Show should not be scared he won't hit him with a car this time. Out comes The Big Show, but it isn't him. Some stiff on crutches, he does look familiar. He is gonna bribe Show with candy and donuts. Ricardo takes off his disguise. Del Rio warns The Big show that bad things happen to bad people.

Now they are showing a Kofi video package. I like this. This has been more about wrestling this week.

Zack Ryder vs Kofi Kingston Dolph and Vickie are ringside for Long Island I Z. I like Kofi, He will most likely win, but I am happy for Zack. They keep cutting away from the match, but Rider is in control at the moment. Not any more, Trouble in Paradise. Winner: Kofi Kingston

Booker T is Next.

Like I thought, The Miz will fight Alex Riley at Capital Punishment

Booker T vs Jack Swagger Jack is in control early on. Booker hasn't fount in a while so I guess he isn't on Swaggers level. T hit the Scissor kick and I thought I'd see a Spin-er-oo-ni. Jack Rolls out and takes the count out. Evan Bourne comes out and cheap shots Jack. Double Spin-er-oo-ni. Winner: Booker T

R-Truth and The Miz vs Alex Riley and John Cena With Stone Cold Steve Austin as Guest Referee Nice start to the match so far. Just as I start to get really into it they go to break for the first time. I guess these commercials bring in good money. The Miz and R-Truth are in control. They are tagging frequently and not letting Riley tag. The Miz is getting in Austin's face. Not smart. Riley doesn't get the Hot tag he needed and we will get a little more of a match before Cena finishes.Riley catches Truth messing up. Cena in with the tag. You can't see Him. Truth is tossed out. STFU on Miz but he gets to the rope. Truth comes in with a chair but he misses Cena. Riley is in with the Breafcase. he hits The Miz with it. Then Steve hits the Stunner Winner: Alex Riley and John Cena

The GM chimes in as they are celebrating and drinking beers in the ring. He reverses the decision and Then names Steve the Guest GM next week. Austin hit a Stunner and Cena an Attitude Adjustment on Michael Cole. He also takes a beer bath.

Next Monday is a three hour All Star Raw. Starting Monday at 8.

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