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Dana White Announces New Partnership w/ XBOX 360 at E3 Conference

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UFC President Dana White was on-hand today at XBOX 360's E3 Conference today to announce a new major partnership deal with Microsoft and XBOX360.

The move will seek to add interactivity during UFC live events for XBOX 360 users. 

XBOX 360 is making an aggressive effort to incorporate its new control interface "Kinect" into everything that it offers. The system appears to also be making an initiative to add more voice control options to what users are able to do.

White's announcement was short and sweet, and did not go into a lot of detail.

"There has never been a better time to be a UFC fan. As you know, we deliver the best fights in the world, and now XBOX will revolutionize how fans experience live events on television. You'll get all the best fights, and compete with your friends...only on XBOX. Let's take a look at the innovation you're gonna see this holiday." 


At that point, the following video was shown for the fans at the conference:

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