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Countdown to UFC 132 (FULL VIDEO)

Here is the full video for the "Countdown to UFC 132" broadcast. Once it's available in better video quality, we'll swap it out. Highlights: Dominick signed his name on Urijah's face. Urijah didn't appreciate it. Urijah beat him up for it then talked trash afterwards. Dominick wants revenge. Urijah wants to surf. Wanderlei and Leben plan on standing and banging. Joe Rogan thinks it may be the greatest fight of all time, and in no way has he been prompted by people he works for to say that or exaggerate the potential of the fight or card in general. Tito is not a stepping stone and he is going to make Bader pay for underestimating him. Tito knows how to beat Bader because he watch the Jones-Bader fight. Enjoy.

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