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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 6/27/11 Raw Roulette


via By Sean Refer from Houston, USA

Tonight, we have another special Raw. The theme for this weeks episode is the Raw Roulette. The special guest host is none other that the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. Well, I think he will be the guest host. It wasn't really specified, all we know is he will be there. One thing we do know, the match that the WWE fans wanted to see last week will happen this week. Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne is set to happen tonight. The main thing I look forward to seeing tonight is CM Punk as he head into Money in the Bank vs John Cena. CM Punk WILL be on top of his game till then as his contract is over. Others that should be on the show include R - Truth, Dolph Ziggler, and maybe even Zack Ryder. OK I guess I am delusional. Join the discussion here as I liveblog Raw Tonight!

The show start off with Shawn Michaels coming down to the ring. This is the Raw Roulette episode and I think I hear good ole JR. It is not JR I feel stupid. Booker T is not at the table, he will be working the roulette wheel.

Shawn Micheals talks about how he has missed being in WWE. He is proud to be Mr. Wrestlemania and now Mr. Hall of Fame. He isn't really the guest host. He also doesn't want to plug his new show on outdoor network or his twitter, both of which he did. CM Punk then comes down to the ring, he is accompanied by Mike McGillicutty and David Otunga. Punk goes on to say Michaels couldn't stay away after leaving. Punk wont have the same problem. After he wins the belt, his contract will expire, and he will leave as the current WWE Champion. At that point my electric goes out. By the time my cable reboots the GM is telling Punk he will be the first one to find out his match with the roulette wheel. Booker T gives a quick rundown of some of the matches and then spins thw wheel. He gets the question mark. Somehow that means he has to fight Kane. Shawn then super kicks Mike and the match is set to begin.

CM Punk vs Kane CM Punk dominated the whole match. Every time Kane tried to mount offense Punk had an answer. The strangest part is when Kane finally started to get something going, Punk just leaves the ring. He says, "What are they gonna do, fire me?" and walks away. He gets counted out and Kane wins. Winner : Kane

Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne No Count Out This match start out with both men using their technical skills. I really like Sin Cara's move set. There are a lot of near falls in this match very close match, but them trying to rush so many spots and close falls they pacing seemed off. Winner : Sin Cara Sin Cara is still undefeated.

Kofi is back stage and he is gonna spin the wheel to see what match he will have with Dolph. Vickie comes in and spins instead. It lands on Players Choice. Kofi picks for Vickie to be banned from ringside.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler Vickie Barred From Ringside I really hate that they start a match and then go to commercial break when the match has only been on for a couple of minutes. They did that here right after Kofi gets his head rammed into the steel ring post. Coming back from break Dolph is in control and he keeps working on Kofi's head. Kifi hits Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere and gets the win. Winner : Kofi Kingston

Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show Steel Cage Match I want to see Show climb out of the ring. That would make my day. Del Rio was in trouble early on but due to him attacking Show's knee he is now in control. Now Mark Henry comes out and he is ringside or should I say Cageside. Mark Henry just tore the door off of the cage. He atacks Show and Del Rio is able to escape. Winner : Alberto Del Rio. Also is what I think will easily be the moment of the night. Henry rams show with the door breaking the whole cage apart. Mark Henry is a monster.

Kelly Kelly vs Nicki Bella Submission Match In a typical Diva match the match last all of 2 or 3 minutes if that. Nicki puts Kelly in an Arm bar. Kelly put Nickie in the Boston Crab. Winner : Kelly Kelly After the match the Bella's attack Kelly and Eve comes out for the save.

After they show a promo package for Andy Levine, They show Rey is gonna be in a tornado match. Good seeing DDP during that segment.

Alex Riley and Rey Mysterio vs The Miz and Jack Swagger Tornado Match This match seems to have a strange pace to it as well. Like they were setting up their big spots so they could go to break. Coming back from break I am liking what I am seeing from The Miz and Jack Swagger. They could be a good tag team, if WWE believed in that kind if thing. This might be the match of the night.If you only see one match tonight see this one. Winners : Alex Riley and Rey Mysterio

R - Truth vs John Cena Tables Match Standard table match here. About what you would expect from Cena and Truth in a tables match. Except, just as Cena is ready to put Truth through a table, CM Punk comes and moves the table. This allows Cena to be distracted long enough for Truth to put him through a table. Winner : R - Truth

After the match, Punk addresses the situation.He doesn't hate Cena. He hate the idea that Cena is the best. He says Cena is the best Ass Kisser, like Hogan and The Rock. I am marking out. This is the best promo ever. They cut it off as he is going off on McMahon. Wow I wonder if that was real or scripted. Either way I like it.If you want to check out video you can here.

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